How to create animations from YouTube Videos

Currently there are many support tools for you to make beautiful animations. But if you want to make an animation from a Video Clip downloaded from YouTube, here follows please guide you to create animation from Video on Youtube with MakeGIF Video Capture utility, follow along to know how to do this. .

You already know how to create animations from Video? You only need to install and use the utility built into the Web browser that is MakeGIF Video Capture. Using this extension you can easily create animated GIF images from Video Clip on Youtube.

Instructions for creating animations from YouTube Videos

In this article, will guide you to create GIF animations from Youtube Videos on Firefox

Step 1: Download and install the MakeGIF Video Capture utility

Method 1: Open FireFox browser, you choose Add-ons

Enter keywords MakeGIF Video Capture in the search box then click “Install” to install MakeGIF Video Capture on FireFox

Method 2: You can download MakeGIF Video Capture here.

Click on the add-on and start installing on Firefox.

Step 2: After installation, click “Restart now” to restart FireFox browser

Step 3: After restarting the browser will display the icon MakeGIF Video Capture In the upper right corner of the screen, open YouTube and select a Video Clip that you want to make an animation then Click the icon of MakeGIF Video Capture

Step 4: Next, Click “Capture Settings”To edit the GIF images.

Here the parameters show:

– Quality: The quality of the GIF file

– Size: GIF image size

– Capture FPS: Motion speed of GIF images

– Max Frames: Maximum number of frames for GIF images

After you have set the parameters on your Click “Start”

Step 5: Here you can view the GIF images and also delete them if you do not want to

Then you Click “Generate GIF”To make GIFs

Step 6: Wait a few minutes for the program to execute

Step 7: Once completed, to save the GIF image again you Click “Save GIF” and select the partition to save that image

So the result is that you already have these awesome animated images (.GIF) taken from the Video Clip on YouTube.
Above we have guide the steps to create animations from YouTube Videos quite detailed, so you can easily create GIF animations from Videos on Youtube. Also you can refer to and experience in the top 5 best animation software available in to manually design unique and interesting animations.


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