How to create animations with Beneton Movie GIF

How to create animations with Beneton Movie GIF

You want to create quality animations, without having to create animations online. Animation software with Beneton Movie GIF helps you easily create different photo effects

There are many software to help create beautiful animations, how to use it is quite easy, in the previous article we have instructed you how to Create animations in Photoshop with people who have good ability in Photoshop, because photoshop requires certain understanding and Create animations with GIMP For GIMP software users, we also receive a lot of feedback and guidance Create animations using Beneton Movie GIF software. And the following article we will show you how to create animations (gif images) with Beneton Movie GIF. Let perform offline.


* To use effectively, you should download the latest version of Beneton Movie GIF: Download Beneton Movie GIF

Before creating animations you should think of idea of ‚Äč‚Äčanimation that you will create, with this tutorial we Focus on the tutorial how to create animations and ideas, you should create your own ideas first. In this article my idea is to create an animation of “Dragon Ball Z” with Songoku, Dragon God and Dragon Ball. Specific picture is as follows

tai beneton movie giftai beneton movie gif

tai beneton movie giftai beneton movie gif
Sample image before creating animation with Beneton Movie GIF

Step 1: Open Beneton Movie GIF software, on the application interface, open the image by clicking the folder icon on the menu bar or pressing the key combination Ctrl + O. The photo here is smaller than 720×500
Tao Dong Bang Beneton Movie GIF
Step 2: Then, to add another image, press the button Add Frame to continue adding other images.
Tao Dong Tao Beneton Movie GIF
When adding images that are not the same size as the first image, a message window appears allowing you to set the size of the added image.
download Beneton Movie GIF
Here choose Original size then press OK, got it to set the image to fit the top image frame. If you want to keep the size selected New size.

Step 3: You need to set the display time of the image by entering the number of times in the box Delay. You need to enter the amount of time for each picture individually by clicking on the picture in the Fame box and enter the number in the box Delay. Here Time is calculated in centiseconds, which is equivalent to the hundredth of a second, normally I’ll leave 2
Beautiful and funny Beneton Movie GIF
Step 4:
Finally, you can review the animation you are making by pressing the play button (first). If satisfied, click the floppy disk icon (2) on the menu bar or key combination Ctrl + S to save.
How to make Beneton Movie GIF
Some other features for you:
User guide gif with Beneton Movie GIF
To delete an image in the animation you need to create, select the image and click the red x (first).

To edit photos click on the pen image (2) to open the interface that allows editing images as in Photoshop.
How do you do
With Nomal effects (3) and Animated effects (4) allows you to have interesting options such as blurring, blackening, flipping, etc.

Results after creating animations with Beneton Movie GIF
Tao Dong Bang Beneton Movie GIF

Above is the guide Create animations with Beneton Movie GIF Simple that anyone can do it. With just a few simple steps, you can create your own funny and funny animations. Do it and send it to your friends to create funny laughter for everyone. In addition to Beneton Movie GIF, you can refer to animation software such as Photoshop or GIMP, but if your computer has a “weak” configuration, you should download GIMP to your computer to use because this software Computer requirements are not high, and if your computer is more powerful, you should download Photoshop to create animations, Photoshop requires a relatively high computer configuration, but it brings a lot of products. Quality and quality products for users. Using Beneton Movie GIF, Photoshop or GIMP is up to you.


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