How to create annotations in Excel 2019

Further manipulation, creating annotations in Excel 2019 helps users remember, avoid confusion or forget some information when working with spreadsheets, to better understand the steps, you should refer to how to create comments in Excel 2019. To add comments, write notes for the data cells.

Creating notes in Excel is the best way for you to explain the content of information in a cell, commenting calculations on Excel spreadsheets. By doing this, you will save time when others view files or learn about the numbers on your Excel file. So Create captions in Excel Is it difficult and complicated? The answer is not difficult, the reality is extremely simple.

Add comments and comments in Excel

Instructions for creating annotations in Excel 2019

In the following tutorial, we will demonstrate how to create notes in Excel 2019. You will know how to add comments in Excel worksheet cells and add comments to Excel formulas.

1. Create a comment in a cell in an Excel spreadsheet

Step 1: Suppose you already have 1 worksheet and have data in cells. You select the cell to create captions -> click Review ->New Comment as described in the image below:

Create notes in Excel 2019 2

Step 2: Note window, notes appear right next to the cell you select -> you enter the content of the note you want to note.

Create notes in Excel 2019 3

Step 3: Next, you click on any cell immediately notes will be hidden, and the notes cell will display a red mark at the top of the cell. If you want to see notes -> just drag or click on the box.

How to create notes in Excel 2019 4

Edit or delete cell comments in Excel

To edit or delete the comment -> select the cell with comment -> click menu Review -> select Edit Comment (to edit annotations), Delete (is deleting comments).

How to create comments in Excel 2019 5

2. Create notes in Excel formulas

For creating comments in a formula cell in Excel, you will use the additional syntax of + N (“enter comment text”) after the formula in Excel.

For example, in the SUM formula, in addition to the total, you will + N (“enter comment text”)

The figure below is the sum of 1 row plus the comment in the formula.

How to create notes in Excel 2019 6

As a result, the formula will still calculate the normal results, but when you select that cell, on the Funtion bar you will see the comment in the cell with that formula.

How to create captions in Excel 2019 7

So you know how to take notes, Create notes in Excel 2019 Alright then. With this, you will not have to worry about being confused in the data file in Excel, especially the files with large data because previously created comments, and you just need to read the notes information will automatically. distinguish and know the information in that box is like.
In addition, if you need to write notes when drafting papers and documents in Word, you can refer to how to insert, Add captions in Word documents here to know how to create, add notes to help download the data more clearly.


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