How to create, automatically attach Google Form forms to Google Sheet

When you create a form file on Google Form, you can record linked responses in Google Sheets. Conversely, you can also create and attach Google Form form files right from your Google Sheet spreadsheet. Everything will be linked together, and the answers will be automatically recorded which is extremely convenient.

Create Google Forms from Google Sheets

First, open any browser on your PC, then navigate to Google Sheet and open a workbook, or you can also create a new workbook if you want. After you create a form, Google Sheets sets up a new Form Responses tab in the workbook.

From the system menu bar, click Tools (Tools) > Create a New Form.

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This will create responsive pages in your workbook and open Google Forms in a new browser tab with a blank form ready for your questions. When you add questions to a form, you’ll see these questions appear in real time as column headers on the Form Responses page in the workbook.

Complete the form setup as usual

Complete your form setup as usual.

If you create additional forms from the same Google Sheets workbook, the response sheets will be named and numbered as Form Responses 1, Form Responses 2, etc. You can rename the sheet(s) if would like.

View form responses in Google Sheets

Once you’ve shared your form with others and started getting answers, you’ll see those responses on the appropriate tab in Google Sheets. They will be added immediately, just like the questions you set up.

See the answer of the form

You’ll also notice the Timestamp column in the worksheet, which automatically records the date and time of each response for easy tracking.

Manage Google Forms from Google Sheets

In addition to creating a Google Form form and receiving feedback, you can also perform a number of other management operations on the form from the sheet. For example, you can edit, view, submit forms, and more, without having to open and sign in to Google Sheets separately as usual.

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<p>Click <strong>Tools </strong>(<strong>Tools</strong>) > <strong>Manage Form </strong>(<strong>Manage forms</strong>) from the Google Sheets menu bar.  You will see the available options displayed in the pop-up menu.</p>
<li><strong>Edit Form</strong>: Open the form in a new browser tab to make changes and edits.</li>
<li><strong>Go to Live Form</strong>: Open the form directly in a new browser tab when respondents see it.</li>
<li><strong>Send Form</strong>: Open the form directly to the Send Form options to share it.</li>
<li><strong>Embed Form in a Webpage</strong>: Open the form directly to the embedded HTML for copying.</li>
<li><strong>Show Summary of Responses</strong>: Open the Responses section in Google Form with the Summary tab selected.</li>
<li><strong>Unlink Form</strong>: If you’re done collecting feedback, you can unlink the form, and then move or delete the connected sheet as needed.</li>
<p>With real-time integration of Google Forms and Google Sheets, you can conveniently view feedback and analyze data on the spot.</p>
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