How to create avatars, Facebook covers

How to create avatars, Facebook covers

Recently, the trend of creating matching photos, Facebook cover photos is becoming very hot and many people are looking for ways to do it. Do you want to follow the trend to create Facebook avatar, cover art? The following article Taimienphi will guide you how to create Facebook avatar images, avatars, Facebook cover images to your liking as well as create an attraction for your Facebook account.

Although, the Create Facebook avatar, Facebook cover photo matched sounds pretty simple and easy to do as we change the avatar or change the normal Facebook cover image as before. However, not everyone can own such photos to change Facebook cover photos, because not only do they need to be beautiful, suitable but also meticulous and know how to use photo editing tools or photoshop profession.

In today’s article, Taimienphi will introduce as well as guide you with a simple little trick to Create an avatar, cover Facebook cover image without having to download any software or knowledge of sublime graphics. Let’s follow the article immediately below.

How to create avatars, Facebook covers

Step 1: To create an avatar, cover Facebook photo first you need to visit the Timeline Cover Banner page HERE.

Step 2: Next, you scroll down when you see the interface as shown below, click Get Adobe Flash Player and select continue Allow (Allow) to run Flash. (Flash Player is the working environment of this online service)

how to create a picture of the average facebook beer 2

Step 3: Immediately interface to create Facebook avatar image, Facebook cover photo matched, you click Upload Photo In order to upload photos, you need to create an Avatar and cover image to edit.

You should choose large images, horizontally as when making a Facebook cover photo so that it doesn’t blur

how to create an image of facebook facebook 3

Step 4: Window Open appears, navigate to the storage location to select the image, then press Open to upload photos.

how to create a picture of facebook facebook 4

Step 5: Next, you drag the points at the edge of the image to adjust the image size accordingly, when finished editing click Next Step to the next step.

how to create a picture of the average facebook beer 5

Step 6: At this point, you will see the avatar image, Facebook cover photo match preview. If not satisfied then click Back to editor to edit again, and like it then click Download Profile Pic to download Facebook and avatar Download cover to get a new Facebook cover photo.

how to create a picture of the average facebook beer 6

Step 7: Now, log in to your personal Facebook account and proceed to change the new Facebook avatar and cover photo you’ve just downloaded. You do not need to align anything, just press Save changes is done.

how to create a picture of the average facebook beer 7

Step 8: Once completed, reload your profile and feel the results.

how to create an image of facebook facebook 8

Thus, with just a few very simple steps that Taimienphi guides above, you can create your own avatar, Facebook cover image that fits quite nicely and keep up with the “movement” today, from The next time you log into Facebook, you will find your Facebook interface more beautiful. In case the user after customizing the image is still not satisfied, you can still change the cover photo and avatar to suit your needs and purposes. Changing the Facebook avatar is not difficult, but for those who are new to Facebook, the largest virtual social network today will be surprised to know how. If you are one of them, follow the article on how to change the Facebook avatar we shared earlier to have a profile picture of your profile.
On Facebook support each other’s facebook tracking feature, this is a pretty useful function for those who want to care about what others say, think, just follow Facebook and you can know all the actions of that person.


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