How to create Blu-Ray discs from any video

How to create Blu-Ray discs from any video

If you split your Blu-Ray collection to create a more convenient library, then you should burn a backup or use a copy to avoid damaging the original. Here’s how to create a Blu-Ray disc from any video to play on Windows or macOS.

On Windows you can use ImgBurn to burn ISO images to a disc, and on macOS you can use Finder to burn ISO images directly to disk.

To create a Blu-Ray disc from any video, all you need to prepare:

A Blu-Ray burner: Up to the present time, Blu-ray has become a common standard, on many computer lines, manufacturers have completely abandoned it. optical drive (optical drive). If you haven’t already, you will have to buy a Blu-Ray burner, whose price usually ranges from 40 – 60 USD, depending on whether you want to buy an internal or an external drive. If you want to burn Blu-Rays from a Mac, you’ll need an external burner, because most Macs can’t use internal drives without some kind of enclosure.

White Blu-Ray disc: Of course, you will have to have a blank disc to record your movie (or any video). Blank Blu-Ray discs usually cost more than DVDs, but the price may be cheaper if you buy in bulk. White discs also come in two types: single layer and double layer. Single-layer Blu-Rays can store up to 25GB, while dual-layer Blu-Rays can store up to 50GB.

TsMuxeR (Windows / Mac): Before recording videos to disk, you must set up the correct video format. If your video is in MP4, MKV, or other popular formats supported, tsMuxeR is a simple utility that can reorganize these files into something your Blu-Ray player has. readable. Technically, this process is called “muxing” rather than coding, so it will not cause your video quality issues.

ImgBurn (Windows): This is a handy tool that can burn files, folders, or disc images onto a Blu-Ray disc. In this tutorial we will use tsMuxeR to create an ISO file that ImgBurn can easily burn directly to disc.

Finder (Mac): On a Mac, the burning process is even easier. The Finder has built-in capabilities for directly burning ISO images as long as you have a drive connected.

– Install or plug in your Blu-ray drive, install the application you need, then enable tsMuxeR to remux your videos to the appropriate format.

Step 1: Convert chasing videos to Blu-Ray format with tsMuxeR

No matter which operating system you’re using, you’ll have to convert your video files to Blu-Ray format. Technically, we will use a process called multiplexing or “muxing”.

In this context, muxing involves combining multiple videos or audio into a new format without changing their content. Although it is not necessary to change the audio and audio stream of the movie, you need to rearrange them into the correct format so that the Blu-Ray player can read them, to change the video tail to Blu-Ray, you have You can use a tool called tsMuxeR that supports converting high-speed video to Blu-Ray, available for both Windows and Mac.

To use tsMuxeR, you need to install the program here:

– For Windows: Download tsMuxeR
– For Mac: Download tsMuxeR for Mac

First open tsMuxeR and click Add on the right side of the window. Find the video file you want to convert, then click Open. You can find a list of corresponding video and codec formats that you can convert on the app’s website here.

How to create a Blu-ray disc from videos 2

In the section Output, choose “Blu-ray ISO“This step will create an image disc that you can burn directly to a disc from some programs. You can also use”Blu-ray folder”If the application you use does not support ISO. In this tutorial we are using ImgBurn for Windows and Finder on macOS, both of which support ISO recording, and besides that ImgBurn also supports direct folder writing.

Next, on the right side of the screen, click the button Browse to locate the converted Blu-Ray files. This storage location must have enough free space to store all copies of the movie (or video) you want to record, at least temporarily, so make sure there is enough free space on that drive. .

How to create a Blu-ray disc from videos 3

Once done, click Start muxing to convert (or remux) your videos into a directory of files that you can burn to Blue-Ray.

How to create a Blu-ray disc from videos 4

In the opposite case, that is, if you want to convert Bluray to video, you can refer to many software to convert Bluray to video on Taimienphi such as WinX Bluray DVD to iPhone Ripper …

Step 2: Burn Image to disk

After converting (remux) your video to a Blu-Ray compatible ISO format, you can now burn the image to a blank Blu-Ray disc and it will be played on any Blu-Ray player.

The ISO file is essentially a copy of the whole disc, so there is no need to convert the ISO file when copying. In fact, you can mount the ISO on Windows or macOS and use it like a disk in the drive.

An ISO file is essentially an exact copy of the entire disk, so it will not need to be converted while it is copied. In fact, you can mount an ISO in Windows or macOS and play it as if it were a disk in a drive. If you want a real disc, here’s how to burn ISO to a blank disc.

Windows: burn ISO with ImgBurn

ImgBurn is a free utility that can easily burn files, folders and images onto a disc, open ImgBurn and click Write image file to disc.

How to create a Blu-ray disc from videos 5

Section Source, click the solid color folder icon to find the ISO of the movie (the video you want to record).

How to create a Blu-ray disc from videos 6

Make sure at item Destination, your destination drive is selected, then click the button Burn in the bottom corner of the window.

How to create a Blu-ray disc from videos 7

ImgBurn will start burning the ISO to DVD, the process of burning ISO to DVD will take some time, and the tray may pop out and close about once or twice, so make sure your drive is not obstructed. Once completed, you can play the disc you just recorded on any Blu-ray player. There will be no menu, so the movie (or other videos you record) will automatically replay as soon as it is included.

macOS: burn ISOs with Finder

On Mac, Finder Can directly burn ISO image to drive. Open the folder containing your ISO in the Finder window. Then click File and select the menu that contains the option Burn [IMAGE NAME] to Disc.

How to create a Blu-ray disc from videos 8

On the screen appears a small window, name your drive, then click select Burn.

How to create a Blu-ray disc from videos 9

Another small window with a progress bar will appear. Once finished, your disc will be finished burning.

How to create a Blu-ray disc from videos 10
After creating a Blu-ray disc from any video, you can play it on any Blu-Ray player and it will automatically play your movie.


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