How to create Chanel YouTube

Proceed to create a Youtube Channel, also known as creating a Youtube channel, a way to share your videos for everyone to know as well as a way to make money online that many people choose today.

Create a Youtube Channel will give users a lot of benefits from this video sharing social network. Especially when creating a Youtube channel, you will be able to participate in sharing and making money from this social network with certain conditions. But before we can make money on YouTube, we need to create a Youtube Channel first.

Youtube is an acquired product and its owner is now a giant Google corporation. So you will not need to sign up for a YouTube account but instead sign up for Gmail. Or you can do the opposite because these two services have a lot of close relationship with each other. Referring to Gmail registration, you are no stranger because it is the most popular email service today, most of us own a Gmail account and use it to create Youtube Channel.

How to create a Youtube Channel

Step 1: As mentioned above we only need a Gmail account to create a Youtube Channel, if not you can click the link above to see how to sign up for Gmail. For now let’s go to Youtube HERE and click Sign In to proceed to account login.

how to create chanel youtube 2

Step 2: Then fill Gmail address of you on.

how to create chanel youtube 3

Next is password Gmail account.

how to create chanel youtube 4

Step 3: After successful Youtube login, to create Youtube Channel we need to go to Settings, click name icon Your will appear section settings this.

how to create chanel youtube 5

Step 4: Here you scroll down to see the text is Create a new channel, click on it to continue the procedure of creating a Youtube channel.

how to create chanel youtube 6

Step 5: The process of creating a Youtube Channel is very simple, you just need to name your channel (it can be changed later) and click Create is done.

how to create chanel youtube 7

Once completed you will see your Youtube channel has been created.

how to create chanel youtube 8

Step 6: Click on the section Customize Channel to proceed to edit my channel.

how to create chanel youtube 9

Here will leave the reader to discover the rest after creating a Youtube Channel, edit the channel, upload videos as well as add the avatar, the cover image of the channel to complete the rest.

how to create chanel youtube 10
These are all steps to create a Youtube Channel, this is just a basic part of many things you have to do before thinking about making money on Youtube. But if you are just a fun-to-share video uploader not aiming to make money on Youtube, you probably do not need to pay too much attention to the above issues, but also need to pay attention to copyright issues to avoid losing the channel. Youtube, even Gmail is in use.


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