How to create effective Facebook ad content

When it comes to social media advertising, Facebook has been holding the most ideal position. That’s why running successful Facebook ads is an important task for any business.

In general, Facebook advertising is the cheapest and easiest to track online advertising form. However, you must know how to implement effective advertising, otherwise, you will just waste money. Here is the experience of Facebook Fanpage management software users How to create successful Facebook ad content.

How to create effective Facebook ad content

Table of Contents:
1. Identify and narrow the target audience.
2. Write different Facebook ads.
3. Use exclusive images.
4. Focus on the call to action in Facebook ads.
5. Keep ads short.
6. Use simple language, easy to understand.
7. Provide sufficient information.
8. Evaluate the content of Facebook ads.
9. Test and evaluate the performance of Facebook ads.

1. Identify and narrow the target audience

If you want to sell effectively online via Facebook, it is best to write ads in a personalized way. That is, your goals need to be narrowed down, and the content you provide is presented in a way that “looks like” pointing to them.

Like a direct seller, you need to focus all your attention on your audience and try to meet their needs. For example, you can target ads to women over 30 living in Vietnam and be interested in physical activity for fitness. You can then start writing ads as a story for them.

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2. Write different Facebook ads for different people

This method complements the first method. The power of Facebook is to provide targeting capabilities, so you should not write ads as announcements for everyone.

Imagine you are a clothing retailer. You sell men’s and women’s clothes, as well as shoes, accessories, underwear, and even bath or body care products. However, most women will only be interested in products for women.

3. Use exclusive, impressive images for Facebook ads

Whether it is a small company or a larger business, there are definitely many images. When running Facebook ads, it’s important to choose the most unique and relevant photos.

how to use high facebook ads

Note that you should not scrape photos on the Internet when introducing products / services because customers will doubt the origin and quality, and your advertising will be wasted.

If you want to edit to create impressive images for Facebook ads, you can use image tools like Canva, PicMonkey and Pablo by Buffer.

4. Focus on the call to action in Facebook ads

The best Facebook ads have clear goals. Basically, advertising means you are trying to increase brand awareness, thereby selling products and increasing sales. That’s why your ad needs a clear call to action, otherwise Facebook users will see your ad, but they don’t know where to click or what to do.

5. Keep ads short, focusing on the value that the product or service offers

Typically, running Facebook ads will require a certain amount of funding, so many people tend to cram as much content as possible. However, when it comes to Facebook ads, you need to keep it short and to emphasize the values.

To write effective Facebook ad content, try to answer the question: Who is the target audience? How will your products and services help them solve problems? Then, you just need to present the answer clearly, concise and impressive.

6. Use simple language, easy to understand

Writing ads is completely different from writing a literary work. You may be a poet at a university, but an ornate language will mess up your message. Your number one priority is to make it understandable so that when someone sees your ad, they will know right away:
+ What you provide.
+ What benefits and values ​​will they receive?
+ What to do next to experience the product / service you recommend?

7. Provide full information about prices, discount rates

If you sell a product of physical value, people will want to know how much it costs. If you run a discount, potential customers will also want to know exactly how many percent off. Clear information about the numbers will help Facebook users redefine their capabilities, while creating transparency and maintaining trust between the two sides.

8. Evaluate Facebook ad content from many different perspectives

You want to market your brand, but it’s not easy to resonate with all the ads on Facebook. To accurately assess what you provide, try scrolling through your Facebook feed and viewing other ads, even competitors’ ads, and determining what you want to click?

It is a good idea to look back on your ad from a customer perspective. You can also ask a friend or relative about their evaluation to gain experience.

9. Test and evaluate the performance of Facebook ads

The only way you can do to improve your Facebook ads is to run an experiment, then evaluate performance and learn from experience.

Try running two different ads, each with the same image, but different content to see which one is more appealing to the audience? Which version receives a lot of likes, comments and leads to the decision to buy goods or services?
There are many reasons to run ineffective FB ads, if not for any reason, please refer to the article. Why Facebook ads are not effective? here.


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