How to create Ghost files on your computer with Norton Ghost

With just a few simple steps, you can create Ghost files on your computer with Norton Ghost to backup or restore full data on the computer when having problems, in addition, this is also a quick way. Quickly to help you install the operating system for your computer with all the necessary tools in the shortest possible time.

Every time your operating system fails to reinstall, but the reinstallation process takes a lot of your time like having to reinstall all previous applications …. So that problem does not occur following us will guide you how to create Ghost files to save on your hard drive and when you need to recover will not take too much of your time, follow along with us.

Create Ghost files on your computer with Norton Ghost

Instructions on how to create Ghost files on your computer with Norton Ghost

To do this you need to have:

– Hiren’s Boot CD or iSO Hiren’s Boot file latest version: Download Hiren BootCD
– USB has a capacity of about 1Gb to be able to hold iSO Hiren’s Boot file (600Mb)

Note: You should create Ghost file immediately after installing the new operating system, installing the full Driver for the computer and the necessary application software such as Office, Vietnamese percussion, software Read the pdf file, winrar, software antivirus… So after you extract the Ghost file you don’t have to reinstall these software and drivers anymore

You can download Ghost file on Taimienph to use here:

Ghost Win 10 set

Download Ghost Win 10 Pro 64bit
Download Ghost Win 10 Pro 32bit

Ghost Win 7 set

Download Ghost Win 7 64bit
Download Ghost Win 7 32bit

Ghost Win 8 set

Download Ghost Win 8 64bit
Download Ghost Win 8 32bit

Ghost Win XP set

Download Ghost Win XP SP3

Step 1: Create a USB that acts as a Hiren’s Boot CD (Refer to how to create Create USB Boot ours)

Step 2: Set the computer to boot from USB (Refer to how enter the BIOS on the computer)

Step 3: After setup is complete, you restart the computer will be interface as shown below, you choose Dos Programs

Step 4: Choose Backup Tools …

Step 5: Choose Norton Ghost 11.5.1

Step 6: Choose Ghost (Normal)

Step 7: Start screen of Norton Ghost you choose OK, got it

Step 8: Choose Local -> Partiton -> To Image

If it is Ghost win, you will choose From Image

Step 9: Select the partition to create Ghost file and then select OK, got it

Step 10: Here you select the area to save Ghost file, enter the file name Ghost in the box File Name, then select Save

Step 11: At this point, the program will give you the option to compress Ghost files, you can choose High or No or Fast

Step 12: And the process of saving Ghost file will be started.

After the process is finished you will get a Ghost file stored on the hard drive, every time the computer has an error, you just need to extract this Ghost file to be able to use immediately without having to reinstall your operating system. further, you can refer to more ways Windows ghost from hard drive, no disk is needed on

Currently, there are many ways to help you create ghost files successfully, one of which is using TeraByte software, when Create ghost file with TeraByte, not only do you have ghost files but you can also use this software to bug ghost files when needed.
Good luck!


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