How to create great YouTube videos for newbies

How to create great YouTube videos for newbies

The first time you create a video on Youtube, you will definitely feel very nervous and restless. Worry can make you make mistakes, even very stupid mistakes. So, how to make it interesting from the first Youtube videos? What makes a quality Youtube video and makes a good impression on the audience? Let’s find out in the following article of!

How to create great YouTube videos for newbies

Table of Contents:
1. Prepare well.
2. Use a high quality camcorder.
3. Use the camera bracket.
4. Perfect lighting design.
5. Ensure a good audio connection.
6. Practice.

1. Prepare well

You may think this is crazy, but in the beginning, many people never even bothered to brush their hair or shave. There is nothing wrong with having a beard, but it’s important to be well groomed. At the very least, you can comb your hair, wear clean clothes, and generally look a little groomed, otherwise you’re making a very bad impression in the eyes of your viewers.

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2. Use a high quality camcorder

This may be a controversial issue for some, but you don’t need to buy an expensive camera, you just need to use a smartphone camera. In fact, there are many cameras on phones that are even better than specialized cameras.

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However, the default camera application on phones has certain limitations. If you can afford it, try buying a more sophisticated video recording app like FilMiC Pro. You can use it on both Android and iOS for just $ 14.99. This is a very good value for money application, easy to use and highly effective.

3. Use the camera bracket

If there is something that makes your video unprofessional, it is the image that is constantly shaking or moving. Photos need to be smooth, so use a tripod every time you shoot a video!

A 3-leg stand can help you stabilize the camera on a table. Even if someone records it for you, it’s much easier to hold the stand than to hold the camera directly. It will also help free your hands to perform the necessary activities throughout the video.

4. Perfect lighting design

If you have a great idea but your video footage is not well-designed, especially in terms of lighting, this will be a bad thing.

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There are two solutions for perfect lighting when shooting videos. You can stand in front of the window to use natural light, or use the mini LED light. Technically, it can be attached directly to the camera, but you can also use an LED light to illuminate the entire area around you.

5. Ensure a good audio connection

You have prepared clothes, a good head of hair, a stable camera, good lighting, but can people hear you? This is a mistake that many people often make. They spoke so quietly that viewers had to analyze their mouths to understand what they were saying.

You can do this in one of two ways: using a microphone attached to your ear or using a high quality desktop microphone. This is the most important step, so choose your device carefully and meticulously!

Besides the microphone, you also need to use a filter to handle unwanted noise coming from your voice. This will make your voice smoother and easier to understand. You will notice a big difference in sound after using this device.

6. Practice

Finally, and also the most important secret that you need to remember is to practice, try to record what you want to say before you start working officially. Nothing could be worse than forcing viewers to listen to your stuttering, well, um, …. If you make this mistake too much, viewers will immediately turn off your video.

If you don’t want to practice too many times until you can remember everything you want to say, you can use a typewriter, just like politicians. You can download and use the typewriter application on another smart device, or use the web version of this application.
Above, has introduced to you 6 tips to help create the best YouTube videos for newbies. These may seem simple, but every missed step will be a big minus for your video. Moreover, you also need to depend on the actual situation and the content of the video to prepare other devices and tools too! Also, once you have uploaded the video, don’t be used to it How to SEO YouTube videos to Top Please.


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