How to create headers in Excel 2019

Creating headers in Excel 2019 is very simple, this is the fastest way to help you mark ownership as well as increase the aesthetics and science in the presentation of Excel 2019 spreadsheets, and especially search for information. Instant message on file.

If in Word, inserting Header and Footer into the text page is quite simple because you just need to use the Header option in the Insert tab on the Ribbon. But with Excel you can also insert Header, but the operation will perform differently than you do in Word. For clarification, Create Header in Excel, you continue to follow the article content below.

Create beautiful Headers and Footers in Excel

Instructions for creating header & footer in Excel 2019

In this tutorial, we will demo Header and Footer creation in Excel 2019 so you can quickly create headers and footer headers.

Step 1: At the Excel data sheet interface, click the tab Page Layout -> then click on extension at Page Setup same as described in the image below.

Create header in Excel 2019 2

Step 2: Display Page Setup appears, click on the tab Header / Footer.

Then you look down there will be 2 options:

– If you want to create a header for the Header -> click on it Custom Header.
– Conversely, if you want to customize, create a header for the footer footer -> then you click Custom Footer.

This article we are going to create heading header header so you will click Custom Header as described in the photo.

Create header in Excel 2019 3

Step 3: After clicking Custom Header You will enter the Header setup interface. You will see that there are 3 areas that allow you to insert header content, including:

Left section (area above),
Center section (middle area) and
Right section (right area).

In addition, at this setting interface, you can make other customizations by using the tools available at the top to adjust the font, adjust the font color, add page numbers, add images. …

Create headers in Excel 2019 4

Step 4: Next, you will enter text as the header for the header, you can also insert images if you want. Assuming we will add the text title to the center of the worksheet, click Center section -> and then click next. Letter A symbol.

In case you want to add an image -> you will click on the image icon -> and then select the image included in the computer to add to the Excel Header header.

How to create a header in Excel 2019 5?

Next, you will select the font, font style for the page title content, then click OK, got it to enter the header content.

Create header in Excel 2019 6

After entering the text for the title in the area you want to insert, click OK, got it to save.

Create headers in Excel 2019 7

Step 5: You will be returned to the Page Setup interface, and you will see the header you just entered. You will press add OK, got it once again.

Create headers in Excel 2019 8

Finally, you will see the header header just created for the Excel data sheet as shown below.

Create headers in Excel 2019 9

The Excel Print Preview interface (preview) when you execute the Print command
So you’ve just created the header in Excel 2019 successfully! creating a footer for the footer of the data sheet or Excel chart you perform is exactly the same as above, instead of selecting Custom Header, you will select Custom Footer and then do it. In addition, also on Excel 2019, you refer to the way Turn off Enable Editing when opening Excel 2019 here. Good luck!


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