How to create Page in WordPress

If you do not know and are looking for ways to create Page in WordPress like. In the following article, will guide you how to create Page in WordPress

How to create a Page or create a page in WordPress is not different from how to create a page, Add new posts in WordPress What is it? The only thing Page in WordPress is static content and usually does not change the information displayed. Refer to the following article of to know how to create Page in WordPress.

How to create Page in WordPress

Follow the simple steps below to add, create Page (create page) in WordPress:

Step 1: On the WordPress interface, find and click Pages =>Add New as shown below.

create page in wordpress 2

Step 2: On the screen will display the page editor window as shown below. The page editor has 2 tabs, Visual and Text. You can insert text into either of these tabs. In this tutorial, will show you how to insert text into Visual format.

create page in wordpress 3

Here are the details of the frames on the page editor page Add New Page:

– Title: This frame is used to add article titles, this name will be displayed on the page.

– Permalink: Display the potential URL for the page, below the title. The URL is created according to the given title.

create page in wordpress 4

– WYSIWYG editor: The WYSIWYG editor is similar to the word processing interface, where you can edit the content of the article.

create page in wordpress 5

Here are some options in the WYSIWYG editor:

Bold Button – Used to bold your font.

+ Bold Button: Used to bold text.

+ Italic: Used to italicize text.

+ Word Strike: Add double dashes between letters.

+ Bullet List: Add bullets to content.

+ Number List: Numbered content list.

+ Blockquote: Quote text.

+ Horizontal Line: Create dashes between sentences.

+ Left Align: Aligns the left.

+ Right Align: Align right.

+ Justify: Align the center.

+ Add Link: Add links to the content of your article. When you click this button, the page you added will be displayed.

create page in wordpress 6

Here are the frames in the Insert / edit link:

+ URL: Enter the URL you want to link.

+ Link text: Insert the text you want to enter and link.

+ Open link in a new window / tab: Open the link page in a new tab or window. Check the box next to the option if you want.

+ Or link to existing account: Link to the content page by selecting the page from the given list. When you click on the current page, you will get the link that has been created in the URL as shown below.

create page in wordpress 7

+ Remove Link: Delete specific links added for text or content.

+ Read more tag: Add further reading tags on your page.

+ Toolbar toggle: Click this option, you will get the list of different toolbars shown in the image below:

create page in wordpress 8

+ Paragraph: Select the required titles for the text from the menu.

+ Underline: Underline the sentences.

+ Justify: Align the article content.

+ Text Color: Set the color for words or sentences.

+ Paste as Text: Paste the text.

+ Clear Formatting: Delete the selected content.

+ Special character: Insert special characters for your post content.

create page in wordpress 9

+ Increase Indent: Increase indent of the page.

+ Decrease Indent: Decreases the indent of the page.

+ Undo: Undo the most recent edit command.

+ Redo: Restore the most recent modification command.

– Text Insertion: Write the content of the article.

– Publish: Publish the page to users on the site.

– Page Attribute: The Page Attribute module allows you to select the parent page for a specific page, or you can set the order of pages.

– Parent: Allows selecting the parent site.

Order: Set the page order.

create page in wordpress 10

– Featured Images: Include images in the page.

So the article above has just taught you how to create Page in WordPress, you can refer to Delete page in WordPress Please.
Also readers can refer to some articles on to know how Install Permalink in WordPress Please. Good luck.


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