How to create PDF files from Google Docs Online

How to create PDF files from Google Docs Online

Google Docs online document editing tool, in addition to the basic functions of a Word Online version, also allows users to create and export PDF files extremely easily and conveniently, with just 7 simple steps. was able to create PDF files from Google Docs easily.

As everyone knows, PDF is a format It is widely used by many people because of its small size and easy sharing on the internet. That’s why the create PDF files on Google Docs Without the intervention of 3rd party software, many people are interested, especially for office workers. In the following article, will show you how to create PDF files from Google Docs simply and quickly.

Tips to convert Google Docs files to PDF

Instructions for creating PDF files from Google Docs

To create PDF files from Google Docs is extremely simple, readers can do the following steps:

Step 1: Open any web browser on your computer and access Google Drive to do it (you need to log in to your Google account to access it).
Step 2: Click on the icon News in the left corner of the screen.

how to create pdf file by google docs

Step 3: Here you can open Google Docs if you have uploaded the file here or choose File Upload to upload files from your computer to Google Drive

How to convert files to pdf files on google drive

Step 4: After you have uploaded and opened the file, select the item File on the toolbar.

create pdf file on google drive

Step 5: In the menu that appears, click on the item Download.

convert google docs file to pdf

Step 6: Here another menu will be displayed on your right hand side, select PDF document(.pdf) to create and export PDF files.

convert google file file to pdf

Step 7: Finally, you just need to choose the address save PDF files just created on my computer and choose Save to complete the PDF creation process from Google Docs.

convert files on google docs to pdf

So with the above steps, you can create PDF files through Google Docs without the need for any other software or tools.

In addition, there are many ways to help you create PDF files such as converting from Word files, for example, if you do not know how, you can refer to the instructions and follow the steps in the article below.:

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