How to create PowerPoint includes photos, videos, thanks

The PowerPoint application is included in the Microsoft Office suite, which is a very popular presentation creation software for computer users today.In the following article, we will show you how to create PowerPoint including images, videos. Thank you in the most professional way.

To get professional slides on PowerPoint, not everyone knows, especially for beginners. The presentation will be nice, convincing and lively when you know how to create PowerPoint slides with images, videos, effects … and especially at the end of the lesson will be thanks.

Making Powerpoint including photos, videos, thanks will make the presentation more vivid

How to create PowerPoint includes photos, videos, thanks

1. Use TEMPLATE available on Powerpoint

To create PowerPoint for your presentation, you should consider using templates available on PowerPoint. These templates are designed beautifully, professionally, and if any template is suitable for the content of your presentation, you should not ignore it, but always use it.

To use these available Tamplate, you open Powerpoint software -> click on the tab Thiết kế -> then select the template available to suit the theme of the presentation.

How to create a powerpoint image collection

In each template available, you can also edit the object to suit your wishes.

how to create powerpoint including video images on camera 3

In addition, you can also add external templates or save template templates after you’ve edited them into a new version to use them for later times.

how to create powerpoint including video images on camera 4

2. Create PowerPoint including photos, videos, thanks

Adding photos, videos or thanks (can use thank you images) in Powerpoint slides will make your presentation more professional and lively.

To insert photos, videos, audio files into slides, open Powerpoint interface, click tab Insert. Here you can add slides to your liking.

How to create a powerpoint image collection

To add images in Powerpoint to create a presentation, see the tutorial for details Insert images in PowerPoint Here, similarly, you can also continue working Insert videos in PowerPoint to make the slide more vivid.

And at the end of the lesson, you can use these sample thanks, thank you wallpaper that introduced for reference and used as a side to end your presentation. Adding these thank you wallpapers is similar to the operation of inserting your photos, very simple.

3. Use effects when making Powerpoint

For an impressive, professional PowerPoint presentation, you should use more sound effects, effects, animations in Animation on Powerpoint. Using these effects appropriately will create a great, lively presentation, and especially create a professional for your presentation.

To add effects, click on the tab Animation, then select the moving object, then choose the appropriate motion effect.

How to create a powerpoint image collection

You can see the instructions Create motion effects in PowerPoint here to know how to manipulate.

Above are the shares of for you to get the slideshow Create PowerPoint including photos, videos, thanks Pretty simple and easy. Basically, you need to determine what the layout of the presentation will be, then insert photos, videos, thanks … in the appropriate places and slides.

In addition, you should also grasp some other good tips when creating effects for your PowerPoint presentation to achieve good results such as:

– Can do the job Change the font color in PowerPoint

– Great Create text effects in PowerPoint
Good luck!


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