How to create ringtones for iPhone with iTools

If iTunes is too complicated, you can create ringtones for iPhone using iTools. This tool is widely used and appreciated by users recently.

If you want to create ringtones for Iphone but don’t know how to do it because iTunes is so complicated, don’t worry. The following article will help you make this fast and simple.


  • iPhone connected to the computer
  • ITunes and iTools software installed on the computer

* Download iTunes latest version
* Download iTools latest version

Instructions for creating ringtones for iPhone with iTools

Step 1: Open iTools, at the main interface of the program you choose Ringtone.

Step 2: Next, click on the button Choose to select songs in the device.

I created music with itools

You choose the time for the ringtone. Note iPhone ringtones only limited to 30 seconds only.

Set start: The beginning of the ringtone

Set end: The end of the ringtone

Play: Try listening

Finally click on the button Save to save ringtones to your device.

Use itools to make iPhone ringtones

Ringtones are saved in the list Ringtone of iTools.

I created ringtones for iPhone using itools, I created ringtones with itools, using itools as iPhone ringtones
Thus, the process of creating ringtones for iPhone with iToools has ended. All you need to do is perform the above steps only. The above method saves a lot of time when comparing how to make ringtones using iTunes. Please refer to the way set iPhone ringtone to compare steps in detail.


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