How to create snow on the computer screen to celebrate Christmas

How to create snow on the computer screen to celebrate Christmas

With just a few small tricks to create snow on the screen, you can easily put on a new shirt with the scene of white snowflakes falling with the atmosphere of Christmas on your computer or computer. my familiar laptop.

Christmas Day Snowy scenery is one of the typical images of people living in countries in the temperate zone. As for people living in Vietnam, you will need to go to the northern mountainous provinces or travel to another country to admire this scene.

Create snowfall on the computer screen

However, by installing the DesktopSnowOK application on the computer shared by Taimienphi in the article, Taimienphi will help you make snow fall on the screen Merry Christmas is coming very soon.

Make snow fall on Christmas holiday screen

Step 1: Download DesktopSnowOK software to your computer via the link here: Download DesktopSnowOK
Step 2: Extract the downloaded DesktopSnowOK file and run it with permissions Run as administrator .

How to do it on my screen

Immediately the software will automatically apply the snow effect on the screen.

Step 3: To create the desired snow effect, users do it in the setup window of the software.
Here you will have some tickable options like:
Activate/ Deactivate : Enable or Disable the snow effect.
Start with Windows : Always start the software with the computer.
Only on desktop background : Enable effects only on the Desktop.

How do I make it on my screen? 3

Step 4: In the Snow on your Desktop you’ll see more sophisticated options, for fine-tuning the effect.
Flakes : Drag the slider to increase or decrease the number of snowflakes.
Transparency : Adjust the transparency of the snowflakes.
Speed : Set the speed of snow falling fast or slow.

Besides creating a snow effect, users can choose from many other photo effects in the section Image/Texture Let the leaves fall, bubbles, … equally beautiful.

How do I make it on my screen?

Step 5: Next, at the bottom, you can continue to refine further.
Image/Texture : Choose from different snowflake styles, shapes and effects.
Size : Adjust the size of the snowflakes.
Algorithm : Create the effect of falling snow or flying backwards.
Rotate : Toggle the spinning snowflake effect.
Random size : Adjust the size between snowflakes.
Deactivation : Option to end the effect when performing the action.
Performance : Turn on performance optimization mode for effects

How do I make a difference on my screen?

Here are some demo images:

I'm beautiful on Christmas screen

I understand how to use it on computer screens, laptops

The theme is displayed on the computer screen
Thus, after 5 steps, Taimienphi has finished showing you how to create simple and beautiful snowfall on the screen. Hopefully the image of white snowflakes on the screen is also with the Christmas wishes from relatives will help your Christmas this year more interesting and joyful.


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