How to create usb boot windows 10 with rufus

USB boot Windows helps you repair and reinstall Windows when necessary. If you feel that burning Windows 10 to a disc is quite expensive when you need a burner, creating a usb boot with Rufus 2.9 will be a more economical and convenient solution for you.

Rufus is rated as one of the best usb boot boot creation tools available today. Its compact size and simple settings ensure stability for Windows. Creating a bootable USB 10 with Rufus is a very smart choice when you do not want to write Windows installation disc.

How to create usb boot windows 10 with rufus


Before going into creating Windows 10 boot using Rufus, you need to prepare:
– 01 USB with 4GB capacity or more
– Rufus usb boot creation tool: Download Rufus 2.9
– 01 installation of Windows 10 operating system: Download Windows 10


Step 1: Connect the USB you prepared to the computer, then launch Rufus.

I USB boot Windows 10 Bang Rufus

Step 2: At the item Device You choose exactly the USB you want to create USB boot Windows 10 with Rufus. Then select the drive icon to lead to the Windows 10 iso file that you have prepared.

I created a USB flash drive with 10 Windows

Step 3: Select the appropriate version of Windows 10 that you want to create boot, in the file name containing x86 means 32bit windows and x64 is 64bit windows. Click Open to put the file into Rufus.

how to create usb boot Windows 10 bang rufus

Step 4: You can give USB Boot a name in the section New Volume Label then select Start to start creating USB Boot Windows 10 using Rufus.

How to create a bootable Windows 10 USB flash drive

Step 5: Before discharging, create USB boot windows 10 with Rufus. The tool will display a dialog box warning that all data on your USB will be erased, you should Back up important data on USB then click yours OK, got it to start the process.

I created a USB boot windown 10 bang rufus

Step 6: It will take some time for Rufus to discharge the bootable Windows 10 onto your usb until the progress column is green, which means that the creation of usb boot win 10 with Rufus is complete.

I created a USB boot Windows 10 firmware with firmware
Then you can Use MobaLiveCD to check usb boot okay instead of having to reset takes time. If normal boot is that you have finished creating usb boot 10 with Windows 10, this way you can install Windows 10 on any device, anytime when you have usb on hand. You can also create usb to boot other windows versions with Rufus using the same method Install Linux with Universal USB Installer If you are interested in this free operating system.


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