How to create videos from photos available on computers and laptops

After Tet holiday, there are many videos and photos taken from your phone and camera. For those who have lots of beautiful images, you can create videos from photos to save memories during the Tet holiday, in addition to adding effects, text for your videos. There are many software that do this job, along with find out

There is quite a lot of editing software as well as helping you stitch photos to create videos from personal photos. But choosing which software is suitable and easy to edit, you still do not know how to use. The following software and video creation applications will let you know which software is right for you. In addition to offering the software, we will guide you to use Windows Movie Maker software, which is completely free, to create simple but beautiful videos.

The best software for creating videos from photos

Currently there are many applications that support users to edit video from photos. will list for you the software used and rated best.

1. Windows Movies Maker: Pros: Free, using video editing and editing. Especially can turn photos and Videos into unique films. Download Windows Movies Maker about computers.

2. PhotoFilmStrip: Pros: Free, easy to use to create videos from photos. Download PhotoFilmStrip Latest

3. Proshow Producer: Use to create Video, Flash with very nice transition effects. Moreover, the utility includes a huge inventory of effects, unlimited size and video length, giving you the freedom to create. Download Proshow Producer about computers.

4. Proshow Gold: Editing and editing videos with rich visual and sound effects, professional photo design and integration. However if you want to use Proshow Gold In the long term, you need to pay after 30 trials.

5. Slideshow Movie Creator: Edit Video beautifully presented with hundreds of 2D or 3D transition effects. However installed and used Slideshow Movie Creator A little bit complicated.

How to Create a complete video from photos available with Windows Movie Maker

Step 1: Download and install Windows Movie Maker on the computer. You can download the latest version of Windows Movie Maker here

Step 2: Open the program, here the program interface is quite simple, click Import Picture

Navigate to the image location and click Import You can select the whole image by pressing Ctrl + A

Step 3: Right-click on the selected image and click add to storyboard

Step 4: Skip to section view video effect

Choose the effect you like to drag down the image or right-click and choose add to storyboard Do the same, select the effect and add other photos.

Step 5: Switch to the view video transitions option to set the transition effect between images.

You choose the effect you like to scroll down the transition interval between images, or right-click and choose add storyboard or press Ctrl + D, do the same for transition between other images

Step 6: Click on the option Make titles or credits to add Text to the video

Choose where text displays in the fields add title at the beginning of the movie… ..

Edit font, font color

Step 7: Export videos, at school Finish Movie You choose the appropriate save mode,

Give a name to the video, choose where to save the video and press next

Press next

Wait for the save process to complete

So you already know how to create a complete video from photos available with Windows Movie Maker software already. With this application, you can easily and quickly create and design videos of your own style to share with friends and relatives. Or in case you want to make photos with more support, need a more advanced software, the instructions Create videos with ProShow Producer Very worth reading for your reference.


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