How to create workbooks online using Liveworksheets

After creating an account, you can apply how to create online exercise sheets with Liveworksheets to be able to create wordsheets quickly and effectively, you only need to do 1 or 2 times to follow the following steps to be able to master creating worksheets exercises for next time.

You want to use Liveworksheets to create online worksheets and worksheets, but don’t know how to use Liveworksheets, so please refer to how to create worksheets online using Liveworksheets down here.

How to create interactive worksheets on Liveworksheets

Condition: Register and login Liveworksheets account

See also: How to create a Liveworksheets account

Instructions on how to create online worksheets with Liveworksheets

Step 1: You proceed to access the Liveworksheets page HERE then proceed to login account.


Step 2: You click on “Make interactive worksheets“.

how to create online PBT liveworksheets

Step 3: When the options are displayed, click “Get Started“.


Step 4: You click on “Select file” to upload the PDF file then click “Upload” to download the appropriate file.


Note: The tool only supports downloading PDF, images in .jpg, .png format and is optimized under 5MB, so if you are using Word file format, change it to PDF to be able to upload exercises.

Step 5: At this point, your file will upload. You see the icons as shown in the figure.

design PBT

Depending on the form, we design different worksheets:

1. Answer selection exercise
How to do: You click on each answer in the question and then draw a box -> You write “Select:yes“In the right answer, write in the wrong answer”select:no“.

how to write online liveworksheets 7

2. Answers drop-down list selection exercise
How to do: Draw a box at the sentence gap -> Type “choose: + write the answers you want students to choose”. Each answer will be separated by “/*”. For example: choose:news reporter/*fix/*drive/*catch.

3. Pairing exercise
How To: At the end of the question, you write “join:1” and draw the box at the top of the answer to question 1 as “join:1” -> Same for questions 2, 3, 4…

4. Drag and drop exercise
How to do: Draw a box in the option and write “drag:1” -> Draw a box at the option you want to move to the above option and write “Drop:1”.

5. Fill-in-the-blank exercise
How to do it: You draw a box and then fill in the blank with the option.

You can refer to the detailed video tutorial below:

Video tutorial 1:

Video tutorial 2:
Remember how to create online worksheets with Liveworksheets to create effective worksheets. Whether you create assignments in PDF, Word or spoken form, they can be created easily and quickly.

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