How to crop a photo in Adobe Illustrator

How to crop a photo in Adobe Illustrator

If you are new to Adobe Illustrator and you do not know how to crop images in Adobe Illustrator like? Refer to the article below of to know how to do it.

In previous articles, introduced you to changing the default background color in Illustrator. In the following article, will guide you on how to cut images in Adobe Illustrator.

1. How to cut a photo in Adobe Illustrator

We can crop the linked or embedded image in Illustrator. During image cropping, we can use visual widgets to work with selected images. The Image Crop feature only works on the currently selected image. Also the linked image will be embedded as soon as we crop the image.

There are quite a lot of photo cropping software that you can learn to choose from, using cropping software will help you get the desired object on your photo.


– The cropped image will be permanently deleted and cannot be restored.

– We cannot convert images during cutting. If you try to convert an image after selecting the Crop Image option, Illustrator will exit the cropping interface.

Follow the steps below to crop images in Adobe Illustrator:

Step 1: Choose File => Place and select the image you want to place, then click Place.

Step 2: Use the tool Selection tool () to select the image you want to crop

Note: Illustrator calls the Selection tool by default when we select the Crop Image option. If there are any other tools active, Illustrator will automatically convert them to the Selection tool.

Step 3: Follow one of the operations below to crop the selected image

– Click to select Crop Image on the Control panel.

cach cat anh in adobe illustrator 2

– Choose Object => Crop Image.

– Choose Crop Image from the menu.


If 2 or more objects are selected, we cannot select the Crop Image option.

Step 4:If you’re working with linked images, Illustrator will display a message saying that the linked files will be embedded after cutting. Click here OK, got it to continue.

cach cat anh in adobe illustrator 3

Step 5: Drag the widget corners and the edge of the handle to define the cutting boundaries.


For any image, the cropping widget is a rectangular icon, in addition we cannot rotate the cropping widget.

Step 6: Specify cutting options using the Control panel.

Step 7: Do one of the following:

– Click to select Apply on the Control panel.

– Press Enter (on Windows) or Return (on Mac OS).

Note for Windows s64-bit and macOS:

– When the Crop Image option is selected to crop the image, Illustrator will identify the visually meaningful parts of the selected image. The default crop box will display based on the specified area.

If desired, you can adjust the size of the cut box. After finishing the process of selecting the cropping position, click Apply on the Properties window or press Enter (on Windows) or Return (on macOS) to crop the image.

– To disable, disable this feature, we uncheck the option Enable Content Aware Defaults in Edit =>Preferences =>General on Windows or Illustrator CC =>Preferences =>General on macOS. By unchecking this option, the default Crop Image, Freeform gradient and Puppet Warp experience are also disabled.

To exit the cropping interface without applying any changes, you can do one of the following:

– Click to select Cancel in the Control panel.

– Click Escape key.

– Select any tool from the Tools panel, except the Zoom tool and Hand tool.

2. Adjust the cropping widget

2.1 Resize

cach cat anh in adobe illustrator 4

Do one of the following to resize the cropping widget:

– Specify the values ​​of Height and Width in the Control Panel.

– Drag the corner or the edge of the handle.

– Click Shift key to scale the widget on the 2 sides.

– Click Alt key to scale the widget in the middle.

– Use pinch-to-zoom gestures on touch screen devices.

Note: Illustrator Touch for Windows tablets does not support cropping.

2.1 Adjustment of position

Do one of the following to adjust the location of the cropping widget:

– Click and drag to any position to crop the image.

– Press the arrow keys to move the cropping widget.

– Press and hold Shift key simultaneously press the arrow key to move the widget in 10 units (default) or as specified in your Preferences.

3. Cropping options

We can specify the following options on the Control panel during cropping:

cach cat anh in adobe illustrator 5

– PPI: Choose the resolution for the cropped image from the available options. Also specify the image resolution in pixels per inch (ppi). If the resolution of the image is lower than the options available in the menu, the options will be disabled. The maximum value we can enter must be equal to the resolution of the original image or 300 PPI.

– Reference Point: All transformations performed around a fixed point are called reference points. By default, this point is at the center of the cropping widget we convert. If desired we can change the reference point to another location using the reference point locator tool in the Control panel.

– X and Y dimensions: Coordinate values ​​of the selected reference point.

– Height and Width: Specify the size of the cropping widget. If the Height and Width boxes are linked, the values ​​will remain proportional when changing. Click on the icon () to delete and modify width and height values ​​independently.

The above article has just shown you how cut images in Adobe Illustrator. Also readers can refer to some articles already on to learn about Illustrator’s Stroke and how to use it.
You should also learn about the Mesh Tool in Illustrator, which is one of the most difficult tools to use in Illustrator, the tool Mesh Tool in Illustrator can illustrate vectors that look like 3D or real images.


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