How to cut mp3 music, create phone ringtones with mp3DirectCut

How to cut mp3 music, create phone ringtones with mp3DirectCut

You can cut MP3 music, create phone ringtones with mp3DirectCut easily and quickly from many different sources but the quality still does not decrease. Using mp3DirectCut to cut MP3 music, create ringtones, you can refer to the following instructions.

mp3DirectCut is one of those software audio editing Most people choose and use today. You can use this utility to cut your mp3s, or a favorite piece of music from a song, use those pieces as a phone ringtone, background music for a home-made Video Album or more ( depending on its intended use). Here we would like to guide you to use the software to Mp3 music cutter for mobile phones.

Also if you like using Format Factory, see the instructions create ringtones using Format Factory, compared to mp3DirectCut, the software Format Factory It has the advantage of being free to use, not only does it cut mp3 ringtones but also supports many other audio formats

Instructions for cutting mp3 music, creating phone ringtones using mp3DirectCut

Cut mp3, create ringtone using mp3DirectCut

Download and install the latest version of mp3DirectCut

Step 1: Open mp3DirectCut, select an audio file you want to cut by pressing File -> Open (or use keystrokes Ctrl + O).

cat music by bang mp3directcut

Step 2: The audio file after being opened with mp3DirectCut will be displayed as a sound wave for you to easily manipulate. To reverse the song, just hold the mouse and move the slider back to the beginning of the song.

Use the function Play for audio files to run, During running, the time and volume of Audio files are also displayed.

I created music with mp3DirectCut

Step 3: There are 2 ways for you to cut a piece of music.

Method 1:Just hold and move the mouse to highlight the music to be deleted. Click delete to delete these tracks and keep the desired track. In this Audio file, will try to delete the music in front of the song, this time the music to be deleted is green.

I create a ringtone using mp3directcut

Method 2: Use the function Set Begin and Set End (are the 3rd and 4th functions in the section Edit) to set the start time and end time for the track.

Select to press first Delete Go there, until there is only the desired piece of music left.

cat music

To save the cut piece, select the Save function or use the key combination Ctrl + W.

cat music mp3directcut
Conclude: Use mp3DirectCut to trim mp3 music, create mp4 ringtones and many other formats like WAV or AAC. In addition to this utility, you can download software Audio editing different at


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