How to cut videos with Bandicut

How to cut videos with Bandicut

There are many flexible and flexible video cutting options with Bandicut, depending on the different needs of users, but in this article, Taimienphi will show you how to cut videos with Bandicut in an effective and economical way. the most time.

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How to cut videos with Bandicut on computer

In this article, Taimienphi will introduce and guide you how to use the video cutting feature with Bandicut, which is lightweight, easy to use and capable of quick collage but still retains image quality as well. original.

Instructions for cutting videos by Bandicut

First thing to note, you should perform video cutting with Bandicut on the latest version for the best support. If you don’t know how to find a copy Install Bandicut Wherever you can click on the shared quick link below.
– Download Bandicut software here: Download Bandicut
After successfully installing Bandicut, open the software on your computer and follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open Bandicut software, select the button Cut (Cut) Home page.

cach cat video bang bandicut 2

Step 2: Find the path to the folder containing the video you want to cut. Choose video there and press Open (Open)

cach cat video bang bandicut 3

Step 3: On the video timeline, right-click where you started the clip. Then click Square bracket icon below to remember the setting.

cicut cat bandicut video 4

Step 4: Similarly, when you step 3, click a position on the timeline of the video to select the end of the cut, then click the icon in square brackets.
Next, click the button Start (Begin).

Tips You can use the clock tool to select a more accurate cut time.

cicut cat bandicut video 5

Step 5: An options window appears, users can choose 2 video cutting modes:
High-Speed ​​mode : High-speed video cut mode, keeping the original format.
Encoding Mode : Allows editing video format but cuts slower.
After selecting the cutting mode, you press the button Start let Bandicut perform video cutting.
In this example, Taimienphi selects the mode High-Speed ​​mode .

cach cat video bang bandicut 6

The time it takes for a video to be cut quickly or slowly depends on the size of the video you need. After successfully cutting the video, Bandicut will display a message like the illustration below, now you can click Play to review or Upload for quick sharing on Youtube or Vimeo.

cach cat video bang bandicut 7
In the recent content, Taimienphi has joined you in cutting videos with Bandicut in the fastest and simplest way. In addition to this way, the software also provides more diverse options so you can learn more ways to edit, cut and join videos in a more diverse way. Good luck!


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