How to delete browsing history on Coc Coc new version

You want to ensure the privacy and confidentiality, you do not want other people to use the device can check your browsing history, to be able to delete the new Coc Coc history when browsing, you can follow Instructions in the article below.

TipsUsing Coc Coc – A super fast web browser of Vietnamese people

Similar to using on Google Chrome, all browsing history, download history, cookies … will be saved by Coc Coc when you use. Therefore, to ensure security and privacy, you can also delete Coc Coc history when you need to browse. Manipulation to you Clear browsing history on Coc Coc Not difficult, even very simple.

Clear browsing history Coc Coc to ensure privacy

Guide Clear browsing history on Coc Coc

– Download Cup Cup The latest version for computers and laptops is here: Download Coc Coc
– See the instructions Install Coc Coc for Windows 10 here.

To remove the new Cốc Cốc browsing history on your computer, follow these steps:

Step 1: First, you can check your browsing history by clicking the menu icon Cup Cup on the left corner -> History -> and then continue History.

You can quickly open it by pressing the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + H

how to delete web history on coc coc the new version 2

Step 2: At the window History, you can review all the sites you recently visited. You want to remove any page, tick the page and click Erase.

how to delete web history on new coc coc 3

Step 3: Also, select the item Clear browsing data.

how to delete web history on coc coc 4

In this window, you can customize a lot of browsing data, delete basic, advanced …

how to delete web history on new coc coc 5

Step 4: In the box Time range, you can choose the time to clear history. For example: Clear the history of the previous 24h you choose to enter Last 24 hours.

If you clear all browsing history on the browser -> you choose Ever

how to delete web history on your new coc coc 6

Switches to the tab Advanced, you will be able to select what you want to delete:

– Browsing history
– Download history
– Cookies and plugin data and other websites
– Files and images are cached
– Password
– Autofill form data

Want to delete the browser section, you tick the item and select Delete data

how to delete web history on new coc coc 7
So the job Clear browsing history on Coc Coc New version completed. In addition, you can completely browse the web without worrying about saving the browser by using Incognito mode on Coc Coc. Good luck!


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