How to delete data in NoxPlayer on the computer

There will be times when you have to delete data in NoxPlayer to increase the space when using the Android NoxPlayer emulator on your computer, so are the steps and operations for you to delete data on NoxPlayer difficult? Please see the details in the instructions below for the answers.

NoxPlayer is an Android emulator rated today compared to using BlueStack, when you play Android games on NoxPlayer, you will find it even more fun to play on Smartphone. In addition, NoxPlayer also supports using an external keyboard, gamepad, video screen and especially using multiple apps at the same time. And the cleaning, Clear data in NoxPlayer The implementation is quite simple, just a few steps that you have a sufficient data space for you to use for different purposes and requirements.

Delete photos and videos in NoxPlayer (Nox App Player)

Instructions to delete data in NoxPlayer

– Download the latest version of NoxPlayer here: Download NoxPlayer.
– See how details Install NoxPlayer here.

To delete data in NoxPlayer, do the following:

Step 1: You launch the emulator NoxPlayer on his computer up. At the main screen interface of the application -> select the item Tools ->Download

How to delete data in noxplayer?

Step 2: Display Download appears -> you will see all the data that you have downloaded from the internet about this emulator.

how to delete data in nox player

The picture above is that we have downloaded some photos from the internet. To Delete photos in NoxPlayer -> left click on the image file to delete -> hold your mouse a little to select that image -> you will see appear trash icon in the upper right -> you just need to move the mouse to the icon and then click to delete.

how to delete data in nox

If you want to delete multiple photos -> you do the same as above and select multiple photos to delete -> you will see the number of photos selected to delete is displayed above.

How to delete data in noxplayer 6

There is another way you can also delete data on NoxPlayer quickly -> you also enter Tools as above -> left click and choose File Manager.

How to delete data in noxplayer

At the new interface appears -> you find the location to store the data that you download, usually in the section Download or memory card as folder: Storage / emulator / legacy / Download

To delete data in NoxPlayer this way -> you click on the corresponding box -> click on the icon 8 dots above.

How to delete data in noxplayer?

Interface window Actions appears -> left mouse click Delete selection to delete the data you have just selected.

how to delete the document in the noxplayer

Alternatively, click and hold the left mouse button in the file you want to delete a bit -> window Action show up -> you just need to click to select Delete to delete is okay.

Delete data in noxplayer

The confirmation board Confirm deletion appears -> you choose Yes To agree to delete, select No to go back and not delete.

How to delete data in noxplayer?

Other data such as video, music … even the folder you do the same as above when you want to remove data on NoxPlayer.

How to delete data in noxplayer?
Job Clear data in NoxPlayer The above is simple and easy to implement, isn’t it! Basically, deleting data on the Android emulator is similar to doing it on a mobile device using the Android operating system only. If you have used NoxPlayer for a long time, downloaded and stored a lot of data, then after a while, you should also consider to remove unnecessary data on NoxPlayer, help regain free space, and the application will be okay. and run faster and smoother.


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