How to delete files immediately after compressing with WinRAR

Do you know how to delete files immediately after compressing with WinRAR? Do you want to skip the file deletion step after compression? Refer to the methods we share below.

Usually after Compress the file using WinRAR You will have to delete the original file on your computer. To save you time, WinRAR offers the ability to delete files immediately after compression. Your task is to simply check this option, after which the original file will be automatically deleted as soon as the file compression process has been successful.

How to delete files immediately after compressing with WinRAR

Download the settings WinRAR

Step 1: First you highlight the files and select Add to archive … to compress as usual.

Step 2: After the compression table appears, select the option Delete files after archiving.

Delete the winrar file

After the compression process is successful, the original file will automatically be deleted, which is very convenient.

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So we have just introduced you how to delete files immediately after compressing with WinRAR. This method is useful, but we do not recommend it if you still want to keep the original file. Also, please refer Recover data in corrupted compressed files with WinRAR to further improve my computer knowledge. WinRAR is one of the popular file compression and decompression software.
However, WinRAR is commercial software, so to use full functionality, you need to buy the license of this software. If your budget is limited, you can refer to the free file compression and decompression software with equally powerful features such as 7 Zip, or WinZip, in which 7 Zip In addition to regular file compression, users also use 7 Zip to analyze * exe files, also WinZip There are also many users who appreciate it


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