How to delete Gmail passwords saved in Firefox

How to delete Gmail passwords saved in Firefox

Gmail is one of the most important accounts for each person. Whether Gmail is for work, study, or for private use, don’t let others know your password. If you’re signed in to Gmail in Firefox, you should delete the Gmail password stored in Firefox to protect your Gmail account.

Gmail account not only supports sending and receiving emails but also helps us to log in to Google Play, use Google services. In addition, some people also use Gmail to register Facebook or many other website accounts, games. So when you log into Gmail, you should not save your account in any browser. Some users who do not pay attention to this problem often have their passwords saved when logging into Gmail on Firefox. You should check whether the Gmail password is stored in Firefox by looking at the password stored in Firefox and proceed to delete the Gmail password stored in Firefox immediately, this helps avoid strangers when using your computer. you’ll see passwords stored in Firefox and use your Gmail account for malicious purposes.

How to delete Gmail passwords saved in Firefox

Step 1: In the Firefox browser interface click on 3 dash symbol. Then click Option.

Step 2: In the tab Option of Firefox click on the section Security.

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Step 3: In the Security section of Firefox, please select Saved Logins. This is where the passwords for accounts logged in on Firefox are saved. Including Gmail account.

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Step 4: Users will see their Gmail account. If you want to copy your password or edit your Gmail account, click on Gmail and Right click.

Also when clicked on Show passwords You can view your Gmail password as well as other logged in passwords.

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Step 5: To delete Gmail password stored in Firefox, users need to click on Gmail. Then press Erase.If selected Remove All then you will delete all accounts saved in Firefox.

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Perform deletion of Gmail password stored in Firefox, the display of the password account will be empty.

how to delete gmail luu password in firefox 6

It’s very easy to delete Gmail passwords stored in Firefox in just a few steps with the above instructions. Users who still have difficulty deleting Gmail passwords stored in Firefox, please comment below for support.

If you log in to Gmail with the default save mode, leading to the situation that you forget your Gmail password, you can easily reset your gmail password to change another password, details on how to retrieve the gmail password that has been Taimienphi Introduced in previous tricks.
In the next Gmail login, if you do not want Firefox to save your Gmail password, you should turn off the notice that requires saving passwords on the browser. Not just Firefox but in the article turn off password saving request On the browser also instructs you to turn off the notification of saving passwords on Google Chrome, Coc Coc or many other browsers. Follow immediately to never save passwords on Firefox, Google Chrome, Coc Coc … offline.


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