How to delete partitions on Mac

How to delete partitions on Mac

Suppose you create multiple partitions on your Mac but for some reason you do not need to use that partition anymore. You can then consider deleting the partition on Mac to free up memory space. The following article will guide you how delete partitions on Mac.

OS X allows users to create multiple partitions on a Mac to install separate operating systems on the Mac or to store data. Users can download and install other Mac OS X or Windows on partitions on Mac.

Often users will proceed to create a partition on the Mac hard drive to install additional operating systems in parallel, the steps to create a hard drive partition on Mac are not too difficult. If you have lots of unused partitions on your Mac, you might want to consider deleting them to free up some memory. Refer how to delete partitions on Mac in the following article of

Note: deleting a partition on Mac will erase the data stored on the same partition. So before deleting the partition, back up your important files and data before proceeding.

Delete 1 partition data on Mac

Use the built-in Disk Utility to delete 1 partition data on Mac.

Step 1: Open Disk Utility on Mac.

Step 2: On Disk Utility you will see all the partitions you have created in the left pane. Select the partition you want to delete by clicking on it.

After selecting the partition, click the button Erase in the top corner to delete the partition data.

How to delete areas on Mac 2

Step 3: On the next window you will be asked for the partition name and the format that the partition uses as the file system. Then click the button Erase.

How to delete areas on mac 3

Step 4: OS X will perform partition deletion. Once completed, on the screen you will get a message saying that successfully deleted the partition. Click the button Done to continue.

The partition data you selected will be erased. Here’s how to delete partitions completely on Mac.

Delete partition on Mac

Use Disk Utility to delete partitions on Mac.

Step 1: Open Disk Utility.

Step 2: Click on the main hard drive in the left panel. Note choose actual hard drive rather than hard drive partition. Usually the hard drive is called a Macintosh HD or Fusion Drive.

After selecting the hard drive, click Partition in the top corner.

How to delete areas on Mac 4

Step 3: On the screen you will see a chart showing all the partitions and the amount of memory these partitions occupy. Click the partition you want to delete on the chart, then click the () on the control panel to delete the partition.

How to delete areas on mac 5

Step 4: Click here Apply.

How to delete areas on mac 6

Step 5: OS X will create your main hard drive, after you have finished clicking it Done to continue.

How to delete areas on mac 7

If on a Mac there are many partitions that you do not need to use anymore, it is best to delete those partitions to free up memory. Apply how to delete partitions on Mac that guide you above to delete partitions.

Just like on a Mac, partitioning your hard drive on Windows will help you to clean your data more cleanly and reallocate the partitions properly, you can partition your hard drive during the Windows installation process. or after installing windows.

Of course, when partitioning the hard drive, there is also the opposite process, which is to merge the divided hard drive partition, the case of merging the hard drive partition occurs when 1 hard drive is not enough to hold data for your needs. Your work, study bridge.
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