How to delete photo fonts in Photoshop

How to delete photo fonts in Photoshop

Removing the image in Photoshop, or background blur, makes the subject clearer and the objects behind it are blurred. This technique is quite common in Photoshop as it has been on phones for a long time.

Delete the image font in Photoshop is a technique that allows us to blur the background to capture the main and main object of a photo, such as a picture of someone with the background behind a lot of passers-by, to attract attention as well. For example, highlighting the image we have to blur the background of the image or the most common that most designers use today is to remove the font in Photoshop.

Delete the image font in Photoshop

In fact, there are many applications and software to help you open images and open images in Photoshop is just one of them. Referring to Photoshop, users often think that this is a versatile software but very difficult to edit. However, with the guide to opening photos in Photoshop through the article below, readers will have a different perspective. wants to explore and discover ways to help users can do it even though they do not have much knowledge about computers and how to delete fonts in Photoshop as an example.

Method 1: Use the Blur Tool
Method 2. Use Filter

Instructions to delete photos in Photoshop

Before understanding the actions, you should download the latest Photoshop graphics software to your computer here.
– Download Photoshop software here: Download Photoshop
For some computers with configuration, editing, deleting images with PTS new version will be very difficult. The best way is that you should install a light and stable version of Photoshop CS6.
– Download Photoshop version CS6: Download Photoshop CS6

Method 1. Delete the photo background in Photoshop with the Blur Tool
Assuming we have the following image, now try to delete one of the two objects above, which is to blur that background to highlight the other one, using Blur Tool is the appropriate solution in this case.

How to delete photoshop in Photoshop 2

Step 1: First on the Photoshop menu bar select the Blur Tool with the water drop icon.

How to delete photoshop in Photoshop 3

Step 2: Here the Blur Tool menu panel will appear and you only need to care about the following parameters:

Size: The bigger the brush size, the bigger the size the bigger the Blur Tool area will be.
Hardness: The degree of fading, if any 100% then when using this brush all the parts will be the same blur. Even if 0% the center is dimmer and outward the areas will be less blurry.
Strength: Blur level for photo.

How to delete photoshop in Photoshop 4

Please note here we will adjust Hardness in outer areas, the background does not affect the subject, also If you want to adjust the blurry areas near the object, you have to choose 0% or small 50% so that the removal of photos in Photoshop is not affected. In addition, you can enlarge the image to avoid the blur tool blurring to unrelated areas

How to delete photoshop in Photoshop 5

Step 3: Now use this tool and apply to any areas you want to blur as you like, the more you apply the more blurring and after finishing the application press Ctrl + M then adjust the color a bit darker.

How to delete photoshop in Photoshop 6

Step 4: Final save it again After you finish erasing the image in Photoshop, you will see that the person behind is completely blurred with the scenery and the person in front is still the same. so when viewers look, they will focus more on the front.

How to delete photoshop in Photoshop 7

Or we do the opposite, the person behind will be more clear and the person ahead is very blurry.

How to delete photoshop in Photoshop 8

Method 2. Delete photos using Photoshop Filter
In Photoshop there are many filters (filters) and using Filter to remove fonts in Photoshop is an effective solution that does not take much time.
Step 1: On the toolbar, click Polygonal Lasso Tool.

How to delete photoshop in Photoshop 9

Step 2: Here you draw around objects that do not want to be blurred, note that you zoom in to make the strokes closer to the image, in addition you can hold Space key to pull up images without disturbing the tools.

How to delete photoshop in Photoshop 10

Step 3: After drawing exactly 1 circle will appear the dashed line as shown in the image, our job is to press Ctrl + Shift + I to invert that circle.

How to delete photoshop in Photoshop 11

Turning this circle will help the objects that are circled at this time will not be affected by anything, no matter what filters are used or color changes will not be affected.

How to delete photoshop in Photoshop 12

Step 4: Here you choose Filter >Blur >Gaussian Blur to blur the background.

How to delete photoshop in Photoshop 13

Step 5: In Gaussian Blur Radius correction with 0 being the beginning of the image, the higher the adjustment, the more blurred the Background will be, you can watch it live as you adjust it.

How to delete photoshop in Photoshop 14

And the final result when removing the font in Photoshop will be the background image posted completely blurred, the two girls in the above area are not blurred at all, so viewers will focus on the two girls. more forward.

How to delete photoshop in Photoshop 15

In this article we have shown you 2 ways to delete a photo in Photoshop, blur the background. You can apply either of them or use both ways to produce the best results, because each one has its own pros and cons, so if you combine them, removing photos in Photoshop will be simple. more and produce the most satisfactory results, in addition, you can refer to more ways Sharpen photos in Photoshop here.
To facilitate the use of tools in Photoshop, the Photoshop shortcut is something that any user needs to know, or at least have to understand some function keys for faster use, refer to the Photoshop shortcut Go here and learn more about the functions available in Photoshop.


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