How to delete spaces when copying

Tricks to remove spaces in Word when copying documents, content from online sources or other file format files will help you quickly eliminate the annoying redundancy in the text to help the text be neatly presented and more aesthetic.

When copying data into editing software such as Word from an external source, possibly due to a formatting error, the text appears with lots of white space, extra spaces between words. To delete all the whitespace when copying this manually, it will take a lot of time and effort.

Instructions to delete spaces when copying on Word

However, with a small tip that Taimienphi shares, you will be easy Delete whitespace when copying Unnecessary in quick text with just a few simple operations.

Instructions to delete spaces when copying

Step 1: Open the corrupted text in Word. Text with extra spaces will be as shown below.

How to delete page space when copying 2

Step 2: Click the card Home on the toolbar. In groups Editing , you choose the tool Replace or press the key combination Ctrl + H .

How to delete page space when copying 3

Step 3: Dialog box Replace Open up, here you Enter the space 2 times (space) in the box Find what . Enter 1 space in the box Replace with.
Then press the button Replace all . A dialog box announcing the change has been made appears, click the button OK, got it and enjoy the fruits.

How to delete page space when copying 4

If the number of spaces is too much, repeat this procedure many times until you get the desired results.
Recently Taimienphi has guided a simple trick with Word software to help you remove spaces when copying conveniently and quickly. Besides using Word, users can also use this method in other office and drafting software such as Excel, Notepad ++, … also has the Replace feature. Good luck!


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