How to delete Spam mail automatically on Gmail, delete spam mail

How to delete Spam mail automatically on Gmail, delete spam mail

You have too many Spam messages in your Gmail mailbox, do you lose time when you have to click to delete them one by one? Don’t worry, the following article will help you manage and delete all of them easily and save more time.

Block spam, prevent spam mail containing malicious code for the little ones use Gmail Not too important. But for marketers, who often use mail at work, receiving a series of spam mail from partners, the address is quite inhibited. Many people use software like AnyMail to support sending and receiving mail to block spam and filter out spam mails. Software AnyMail Capable of taking photos, confirming incoming and outgoing mail, backing up and detecting sensitive emails and spam emails. However, installing the software only works on personal computers. If you work with Gmail on other computers, it will take effort to install this software. Even on a phone, it can’t install AnyMail and it’s hard to control Email Spam. But few people know that, Google has integrated right in a Gmail spam filter, users just need to go into the simple installation step to be able to automatically delete spam mail on Gmail.

Instructions to delete Spam mail automatically on Gmail, delete Spam mail

Step 1: Log in to your Gmail. Next in the Gmail interface click select Settings icon in the right corner.

Select the next section Setting.

Delete spam on gmail

Step 2: A series of customizations in Gmail Settings will appear. Please choose Filter and address are blocked (Filter).

remove spam email from gmail 3

Step 3: In the filter interface and the blocked address, click Create a new filter.

remove spam email from gmail 4

Step 4: In the new dialog box, enter the following Content words:

in: spam

Then you press Create filter with this search.

remove spam email from gmail 5

Step 5: Tick Option to control what is automatically searched and deleted for spam on Gmail.

Finally hit Create filter.

remove spam email from gmail 6

Just a few steps to install like that, you have deleted spam mail automatically on Gmail, successfully deleted spam, and do not have to view spam messages as previous times. After these steps, spam emails that are under your scrutiny will be filtered and deleted, when you log into gmail, it will be much more hands-free when you do not have to view spam messages and delete spam mails. this.

Another problem that many users wonder is how to retrieve emails sent in Gmail. In case of accidentally sending the wrong email, or sending an incomplete content email, it happens quite a lot. Even sending in the wrong private content or work documents may affect you individually and collectively. So knowing how to retrieve emails sent in Gmail in time can save you from losing sight. However, the procedure to retrieve Email sent in Gmail can only be used when you have just sent the Email. That is using the Undo feature of Gmail to retrieve the email you press wrongly. If the time for sending emails is too long, retrieving the email is very difficult.
Using gmail account to exchange jobs, you should often change your gmail password, change your gmail mailbox password with unpredictable characters, change gmail password to avoid forgetting is also a way to keep secrets for gmail internal communications in your emails.


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