How to detect hidden cameras, sneaking in motels and hotels

How to detect hidden cameras, sneaking in motels and hotels

The privacy issue is now alarming in hotels and motels, and how to detect hidden cameras or sneak in hotel motels now. It is not difficult if you have the following knowledge.

There are many unfortunate incidents that happen when the “sex” of families staying overnight at motels, hotels is exposed by some crook. As a precaution we need to equipped with knowledge to help detect hidden cameras, sneaking in motels and hotels. Although technology evolves, it doesn’t mean we can’t do anything. The following ways will show you how to detect hidden cameras, hidden cameras in hotel motels.

Detect hidden camera

How to detect hidden cameras, sneaking in motels and hotels

1. Use Camera on Smartphone

Our eyes cannot see the pink rays themselves emitted from devices such as television controllers, cameras or some other type of sensor, but the phone is different. Your phone camera can do this and you only need to turn off the electricity in the room and turn on the camera, now if you have a camera or any device using infrared you will see it bright or flicker.

how to display camera in hotel lobby 2

2. Use the professional Camera application

– Download Spy Hidden Camera Director for iPhone here.
– Download Glint Finder for Androidhere.

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You can use Spy Hidden Camera Director for iPhone devices (paid) and Glint Finder for Android devices (free) to detect hidden cameras. Although not as professional as the detector, both software are capable of recognizing the bright lights in dark conditions, dark rooms or turn off the electricity.

3. Use the Camera detector

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It sounds strange, but it is actually there. This device will help detect hidden cameras, secretly recording by transmitting audio and image data via GSM, RF waves emitted from remote eavesdropping devices (type with SIM card attached). ), cameras capable of transmitting data over WiFi. When the camera is detected, the device will beep sound.

Of course, depending on the product with low or high price, the accuracy of this machine is also different.

4. Check for familiar objects

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We can use support tools or use our own eyes because we look for objects around where we rent a room. Hidden cameras are often hidden inside vases, wall paintings, lampshades, fire alarms (smoke), … Table tops, chair cushions, cabinets, shelves are also places that you should not ignore. In addition, users should also be silent for a few seconds to listen to everything in the room because many types of cameras will emit a sound like a click when operating.

If you find a suspicious mirror in the room, turn off the light and use the flashlight (or flash light on your phone) and shine it on the mirror to determine whether this is a normal or double-sided mirror (i.e. outside people can look inside the room but you can’t see them).

Also, avoid renting unreliable cheap motels instead of popular hotels and motels, which are usually a bit more expensive.

Above are 4 ways you can detect hidden cameras, sneaking in hotel motels. Hopefully the above tutorial will share some of your knowledge on preventing and detecting hidden cameras when we’re on vacation.

On the market today there are many types of cameras, especially IP Wifi cameras with a lot of convenience. It is one of the culprits causing a lot of sneaky shoots, the Wifi IP camera itself does not need to be connected, so you have to be very careful.
For those who have a restaurant. eateries or fashion shops must have many cameras installed, with the following camera viewer software on the computer will be indispensable if you want to manage your assets well. refer Camera view software on the computer here and choose for yourself the most appropriate result.


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