How to detox from phone and Facebook addiction for children and adults

In this article, will share some of the most effective ways to detox smartphones for children and adults. In the 4.0 era, giving children early access to technology brings many benefits but also many harms. But phone addiction is not good at all, making us dependent on our phones.

Children should be developed comprehensively, playing in amusement parks instead of letting them stay at home and use phones all day, gradually children will become addicted and cause serious effects. Moreover, parents who often use the phone will make their children learn to follow.

The following article will introduce you to some great tips and ways to detox your phone for adults, parents and children.

How to detox facebook phone

I. How to cure phone addiction for children

1. Spend more time playing with children

The best way to limit and quit phone addiction for children is that parents should spend a lot of time playing and chatting with their children. In addition, on weekends, the whole family can go to the park so that children can play freely, work outdoors instead of at home, surrounded by 4 walls and a mobile phone for children to play.

2. Set a password to protect the device

By setting a phone password, even though kids can get to the phone, but can’t unlock the device to watch YouTube content or play games, they will get bored and return the phone to their parents.

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3. Uninstall YouTube apps, games

Children often use their parents’ phones to go to YouTube to watch cartoons, music, programs, … or play games. By removing these apps, let’s say when kids use the phone without these apps, they will get bored very quickly.

Many children of preschool and primary school age are now addicted to facebook youtube installed on phones and tablets, in order to detox from Youtube for children, parents need to take reasonable measures so that their children Accept it slowly, the best way to get rid of YouTube addiction for children is that parents should spend more time playing with their children.

4. Regulation of phone usage time

Finally, parents should set a specific time for children to use the phone.

Children from 0 to 2 years old should not be allowed to touch and use mobile devices at all. For children from 3 to 5 years old, it should be limited, only for less than 1 hour / day.

II. How to get rid of cell phone addiction for adults and parents

1. Limit phone use

The average user uses and checks his or her phone more than 20 times a day. By limiting phone use, not always being around the phone 24/24 will help users “wean” the phone and spend that time doing other things.

2. Uninstall social networking apps

Social networking applications like Facebook are gradually taking away our time and relationships, when meeting everyone, everyone is plugged in to their phones and accessing Facebook, no one talks to anyone, work productivity decrease due to Facebook,…

If you are “addicted” to Facebook and your phone, it is best to uninstall these applications, both to free up space to make room for more important applications, while spending time with friends and doing other things. Other work is more important.

A lot of people are addicted to facebook nowadays and facebook detox is not an overnight thing, to start detoxing facebook, you first need to build a healthy habit of using facebook at the prescribed time, or spend Time to exercise, cook… This is one of the effective ways to detox from your phone and Facebook, you can apply.

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3. Turn off your phone before going to bed

Most of us have a habit of checking Facebook or social networks before going to bed to see if there is anything new, and gradually it becomes a bad habit. So to quit the phone as well as social networks, bring better sleep, the solution is to turn off the phone before going to bed every day.

4. Using a black and white phone

The final solution to “wean” the phone is to switch to using black and white, only having the function of making calls and texting, instead of using a multi-featured smartphone, which is both expensive and takes a lot of time to use every day. .
The above article has just shared with you some effective ways to detox your phone. Don’t let our phones or social networking applications take up our precious time every day, instead, practice healthy habits, protect and let your children develop comprehensively.

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