How to detox TikTok, limit time using TikTok

TikTok application currently accounts for a large number of users, with many different ages. And using TikTok a lot also makes you addicted, just like using Facebook. The following article will guide you to turn on TikTok usage limit, lock the TikTok screen automatically when the usage time expires.

Instructions to limit time using TikTok

Step 1:

At the application interface we click Profile section below to access the TikTok app. In the account interface, we click 3 dashes icon.

Step 2:

Switch to the TikTok settings interface, click Digital Wellbeing. Continue clicking Screen Time Management feature.

Step 3:

You will then be transferred to the interface to set up this feature. First we will set a time limit to use the TikTok app. Maximum time to use TikTok is 120 minutes, minimum use is 40 minutes.

You click on the time that you want to use TikTok.

Step 4:

Then you press the Enable button to enable the time limit to use TikTok.

Turn on TikTok screen usage limit

Step 5:

User is required set a password to lock the TikTok screen when the usage time is up. Enter the TikTok lock passcode and re-enter the passcode to confirm.

Step 6:

So you have set up your TikTok usage limit. When the time to use the application expires, the TikTok screen automatically locks and you must enter the correct password to continue using it.

Step 7:

After setting up TikTok screen lock, you can change TikTok screen lock password again by tapping Change password.

Or if you want turn off the restricted mode of using TikTok This is also possible and you need to enter the password you set up to confirm.

Turn off TikTok lock limit

Currently, many social networking applications have a time limit feature, including TikTok. Previously, there were a number of applications that set up this feature, such as limiting Facebook usage or limiting Instagram usage.

Video tutorial to detox TikTok


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