How to detox YouTube for babies

After the horror Momo challenge has been spreading on YouTube these past few days, in order to protect your children from dangerous, malicious content, it’s best to stop letting your kids use their phones and YouTube. The following article will introduce you some of the most effective ways to detox for your baby.

It is undeniable that some content on YouTube is extremely useful, teaching children good things, meaning of life through useful stories. Besides, the malicious content is also not small, such as the Momo challenge that is spreading over the past few days, making parents angry and worried about their children.

So in this article will share with you some ways to detox for your baby.

1. What parents need to know about content on YouTube

– The content on YouTube is primarily designed and targeted at users of different ages to make money from advertising, in which children are also the most targeted audience. The ads that appear are not a cause for concern, it is worth mentioning that some guys can use this to inject malicious and dangerous content into the heads of children, typically the Momo challenge is spreading. those days.

– In addition to the content is dangerous and toxic, YouTube also has videos containing adult content, vulgar, not suitable for the age of children.

– Parents can open YouTube in safe mode, in which unclassified or adult content will be removed.

To see what their children are watching, parents can check the history watched on YouTube.

2. How to get rid of Youtube addiction for babies

Here are some tips and effective YouTube detox for babies that parents can refer to:

– Set time and limit time for children to use the phone and YouTube. Instead, parents can spend a lot of time to play with their children, or for kids to be active, free to play in the parks, ….

– In case of busy housework or cooking, parents can turn the phone volume up to make sure they can hear what the child is watching.

– Install the Parental Control app to control and restrict content on YouTube and display only the appropriate content. The application that would recommend to you is called Family Zone, capable of filtering inappropriate content on all websites, including YouTube.

Withdrawing from YouTube also means giving up the phone for children, parents should not let children watch the phone too much because it will make children dependent, phone detox also helps children have more time to play. Healthy, age-appropriate games.

3. How to check the history viewed on YouTube

As mentioned above, to know what their children have watched on YouTube, parents can check in the history watched.

3.1 Check YouTube history viewed on the web:

Step 1: Open any browser on your computer and visit

Step 2: Click the navigation menu button located in the top left corner.

Step 3: Choose History (history) to check what children have seen.

3.2 Check the watch history on the YouTube Android app:

Step 1: Click the button Thư viện (gallery) located in the bottom left corner.

Step 2: Click here History (history) to check viewed history.

3.3 Check the history viewed on the YouTube YouTube app:

Step 1: Click the button Thư viện (gallery) located in the bottom left corner.

Step 2: Click here History (history) to check viewed history.

So, the article above has just shared with you some ways to detox YouTube for babies effectively. Hopefully the article above has shared with you useful information to protect your children from malicious content on social networks.
In addition to Youtube, now facebook is also an addictive social network for many people. one-way.


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