How to disable the service to speed up the computer

Disabling the service is one of the good ways to speed up your computer. This procedure is not dangerous, but if you do not know anything about the computer, you may also accidentally make some software not run.

Computer optimization is no stranger to every computer user. After a long time, the computer system will show signs of inert. Now we need software like CCleaner, or Disk Cleanup to free and speed up the computer.

For those who have used it Ccleaner surely know this software to optimize your computer quite well. And in this article, will guide you on how to disable the service to speed up the computer.

Disable the service to speed up the computer

Disable startup applications

These are applications that run with the computer, can automatically run at the same time the computer system starts up. Although these applications are very useful, they cause slower machines. We should turn off the bundled applications such as Windows Update, or less used applications.

Step 1: Press the key combination Windows + R, type “msconfig‚ÄĚThen press OK, got it.

Step 2: Board Services appear, you need to hide all applications of the operating system and turn off only those applications from 3rd party are status = “running”. But note that you should not turn off because it can cause some errors when opening the software.

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Disable the application in Task Manager

The second way has quite a lot of similarities with the first. Therefore, you can optionally choose to have different views of applications running on the computer.

Step 1: To access the Task Manager, right-click the taskbar and select Task Manager.

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Step 2: In the command box, switch to the item Startup and turn off the software that runs with the machine. The interface of Task Manager from Windows 8 and above is quite intuitive so it will help you have a better overview.

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Disable Services in Windows.

This is the disabling of the startup applications mentioned above. However, we need to go to the Services interface to get a better overview of the detailed features for disabling the accompanying services.

Step 1: To enter Services Open the Start Menu and type Services already Enter.

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Step 2: After that, you can find applications to turn off such as Windows Defender or Windows Firewall if your computer has more effective and effective computer protection software. Or turn off Spooler if you never use printer-related services.

Step 3: When the state Stopped in the Services As shown in the figure means that, we have finished disabling these services.

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In addition to speeding up the computer, we can use third-party software to handle it at the touch of a button. As shown in the picture is Advanced SystemCare. This software has a very good computer acceleration feature. In addition, the software also has many other features such as registry optimization or garbage cleaning that you should explore to try.

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Above are the ways that help you disable the service to speed up your computer safely, effectively and save you time.

If you want a faster computer, the way to speed up your computer is a simple way to improve the performance of your Windows computer and fix a slow computer.
In addition, you can also learn more about cleaning your computer system with CCleaner software which is quite useful and highly effective.


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