How to display CPU, HDD temperature on BatteryCare

How to display CPU and HDD temperature on BatteryCare will help you to monitor the temperature of two important parts of the computer: the drive and the processor chip. To display CPU, HDD temperature on BatteryCare, follow these instructions.

When using BatteryCare laptop battery management software, you expect this tool can help you more, especially the ability to display CPU / HDD temperatures. BatteryCare battery management software actually has this feature and you can enable them in the software settings.

Follow the instructions below to display the CPU / HDD temperature with the BatteryCare laptop battery saver tool.

Display CPU / HDD temperature on BatteryCare

Step 1: Access Settings of BatteryCare by right clicking on the icon and selecting Settings.

Access from BatteryCare battery management software icon from the system tray.

how to design hdd cpu on batterycare

Or open the application directly and access the software’s Settings.

Step 2: In the interface Settings (Install), you choose the card Advanced. This Advanced section is set up features that allow users to control all features of BatteryCare.

Step 3: Tick ​​the item Run at startup in Administrator mode in Settings.

When this feature is checked, you can enable temperature monitoring and suspend services even when User Account Control is active. Press Save to save any changes.

The instruction manual is due to CPU CPU on batterycare

After saving changes, the software will automatically use the tool BatteryCare UAC bypass tool has been previously downloaded while installing BatteryCare on a Windows computer.

User guide for display by CPU hdd on batterycare

A command box appears asking for access to run software from a third party by User Account Control. You press Yes to accept.

Display by CPU hdd on batterycare

In case you do not want to receive notifications from User Account Control, users can also turn off User Account Control notifications (UAC) on Windows 7,8,8.1 easily by changing the notification status in the settings of UAC in the Contrl Panel or directly from the screen.

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Results after turning on the HDD and CPU temperature display feature on BatteryCare.

If after turning on the feature Run at startup in Administrator mode If BatteryCare does not display CPU / HDD temperature, it may be an error due to software incompatibility, you can uninstall BatteryCare and reinstall it.
In case the installation of BatteryCare does not work, you should consider using other computer battery management software more effectively such as Smart Battery or Battery Doubler. However, recommends using Smart Battery tool because this is one of the most effective laptop battery management tools that users appreciate today.


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