How to display thousands separator commas in Excel

How to display thousands separator commas in Excel

The way of displaying thousands separator commas in Excel helps you calculate data in Excel tables easier, more effectively, especially to ensure low errors and increase high accuracy. Do display the comma delimited thousands in Excel by following the instructions below.

In Excel, numeric data as you enter regular spreadsheets will not display commas separated by the thousands in them. Adding thousands separators will make your Excel data more visible, intuitive and easy to grasp. Imagine a number of billions without commas separating thousands, then it will be difficult for you to immediately determine what its exact value is causing your time.

How to display thousands separator commas in Excel

When entering data into Excel if the number is up to dozens of digits, you must leave it there show dot or comma delimited unit, dozens, hundreds, thousands, millions… To avoid mistakeness. So how to show thousands separator comma in Excel? Please follow the instructions immediately to find the answer.

How to show thousands separator in Excel

To be able to display commas in Excel on existing numeric data, we need to format that data cell. Here are the steps to make display those commas.

Step 1: Highlight the Cells you want to format
Please highlight any Cells that you want to format, showing thousands commas

Heading into Excel

Step 2: Open the Fomat Cells dialog box

To open this dialog box, follow these two ways:
From Fomat choose Cell

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Or press the key combination Ctrl +1
After opening the Fomat Cells dialog box, set the separator you want. At the card Number you choose Number
Section Decimal places You set to 3, at the item Use 1000 Separator (,) tick this item then click OK, got it

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Above, Taimienphi has just guided you how to display thousands separator commas in Excel. It is very simple and easy to read, no matter how large the number, you are not afraid to read them. From now on you can comfortably work with large numbers without worrying about confusion because of the thousands separator. When using Excel you accidentally create spaces, you can delete blank rows and columns in Excel 2013 and you can hide rows and columns of Excel 2013 easily.

In addition, the use of functions on Excel is a regular job, but because each version is different, the functions used are also different, especially in Excel 2016, there will be separate functions that previous versions not previously available. If you do not know can refer to the article introduces the Excel function is only available in Office 2016 like CONCAT, TEXTJOIN, IFS that we shared earlier.
In case the number of digits after the comma is too much, you can round it down by referring to the article rounded to decimal after comma in Excel that introduced in previous posts. If you have other methods or tips to show thousands separator in Excel or better, please share with us by comments below this article.


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