How to distinguish genuine Samsung and Taiwan phones

How to distinguish genuine Samsung and Taiwan phones

You are in need of a genuine Samsung phone, but on the market today there are some unknown devices from Taiwan and you are not sure how to distinguish Samsung and Taimienphi phones. send to you the ways to distinguish the two types of machines on the most accurate way.

There are many different ways to distinguish between genuine Samsung and Taiwanese phones. You can distinguish with the naked eye, common signs or support software tools from Samsung manufacturers to users. Below is a summary of some of the ways that differentiate most users.

5 ways to distinguish genuine Samsung and Taiwan phones

How to distinguish genuine Samsung and Taiwan phones

Method 1: Check the external design

Any fake phone of unknown origin has an imperfect design similar to the genuine product and Samsung Taiwan phone is no exception. With genuine products, the design lines outside of the device are designed meticulous , perfect angles. As for the counterfeit products, these lines are very rough and there are a few details about the design. Some Samsung Taiwan phone lines are still in use The shell is very rickety Not sure about holding.

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Part logo Samsung front and rear between these two types of machine you can distinguish. Genuine Samsung phones are manufactured using separate fonts, colors and lines of the letters in a well-balanced design. Meanwhile clones will use strange fonts, uneven lines, text that is too small or too big.

Method 2: Check your device’s IMEI number

Step 1: Check the IMEI number on the outside of the case.

The IMEI serial number is Samsung print behind their genuine products. For dual sim phones, there will be two IMEI numbers on the back. On some Samsung 2 sim Taiwan product lines, these series will be recorded as fake or sometimes only 1 number. To check imei Samsung, you perform the following steps below.

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Step 2: Check the IMEI number inside the phone.

First you open the feature call on the device. Next, enter the following code sequence: * # 06 # . A new window will appear with the words IMEI (MEID ) and S / N . This will include 2 sequence of IMEI numbers if your device supports 2 sims. Below is the SN code. You observe that the codes are the same as those printed on the back of your phone.

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In this step, some Samsung Taiwan series phones, if done carelessly, will not appear like the above codes or currently lack 1 in 3 codes if it is a 2 sim device. With the more sophisticated counterfeit machines, the above sequence numbers are designed exactly the same, then you follow step 3 below.

Step 3: Remember the IMEI number on your device on a piece of paper or any other device that can record that number. Next, you compose a message on the device with the syntax: IMEI number (including 15 numbers) sent to 6060 . The fee for this service will be 500 VND / 1 message. After you’ve finished texting, Message from Samsung will inform you how much the device is in use for up to date. Samsung Taiwan phone when sending this message will be notified that the message IMEI code is invalid.

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If you do not want to message, you can contact Samsung toll-free phone directly to check the IMEI information on your device. The number you can contact is: 1800588889 .

Method 3: Use the Code to check

When you enter these codes on genuine Samsung phones, the functions of each code will appear for you to check. For example, checking hardware information on the device, checking the sound, checking the light … Samsung clones and non-genuine phones will not be able to check with these code lines.

* # 06 # [Hiển thị số IMEI]

* # 1234 # [Hiển thị thông tin phần cứng]

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* # 0 * # [Chế độ kiểm tra nói chung]
* # * # 197328640 # * # * [Menu chính của dịch vụ]
* # * # 4636 # * # * [Chế độ phân tích]
* # 0289 # [Kiểm tra âm thanh]
* # 0589 # [Kiểm tra ánh sáng]
* # 0673 # [Kiểm tra Audio]
* # 0782 # [Hiển thị thời gian]
* # 0842 # [Kiểm tra chế độ rung]
* # * # 1472365 # * # * [Kiểm tra GPS]
* # 0228 # [Đọc ADC]
* # 0283 # [Audio Loopback Control]
* # 03 # [NAND Flash S/N]

Method 4: Use Samsung Kies software to distinguish genuine Samsung phones

First you download the software Samsung Kies download here Here Next you install this software on your computer. Later connect Samsung phones via a USB cable to the computer where the software is installed. If the software display the name of the Samsung phone that is connecting to it will be genuine, otherwise it will be Taiwanese.

Method 5: Try using some functions on the device.

Samsung Taiwan phones will not have the same hardware as the genuine ones. Microprocessors, chips, etc. will be replaced by a different type of lower-end component. Try playing games, opening several applications at the same time … You notice whether the device heats up quickly or plays the game slowly, jerks lag not true to the actual configuration of the device or not.
So above I have introduced to you 5 ways to be able to distinguish genuine Samsung and Taiwan phones. Hopefully through this article will somewhat provide the necessary information you are looking for.


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