How to download and install Prezi, create beautiful presentations

To talk about the convenience and professionalism in making slides and presentations, Prezi software is a good choice with many great effects and functions, in this tutorial, will show you how Download and install, create beautiful presentations using Prize Destop software

Speaking of making slides for presentations and presentations, everyone probably thinks of it PowerPoint of MicroSoft, creating PowerPoint slides is a popular and almost used way for everyone to use.

Unlike PowerPoint, Prezi does not help users to present on many slides (Slide) but only present on a certain slide with the ability to zoom in each part of the presentation to form a unified whole. Prezi’s approach is quite suitable for presentations that need to show the correlation between the parts, making the presentation somewhat coherent and more intuitive.


This tutorial will show you how to download and install the software Prize on the computer. You follow the steps below as follows:

Step 1: Download Prize Destop about computers.

– You visit here to download Prize installation kit on your computer.

Step 2: Perform the installation Prize Destop

– Run the downloaded installer to install and click Install to start the installation.

– You perform the installation according to the instructions that the software requires. The installation process will appear successfully, as shown below:

how to download and set up prezi to create a program 2

Such is the installation process Prize Destop was successful. You can open this software to start creating your own presentations.

Please note the account login to use this software offline. Here is the software interface, you guys watch it.

how to download and set up prezi to create a program 3


You follow the instructions from Step 3 Refer to tutorial article Use Prezi to make a nice presentation.
Over here medium show you how to download and install Prezi, create beautiful presentations. Hopefully, with this simple guide, you will have an impressive presentation. Good luck.


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