How to download and install the Chinese Capcut app

How to download and install the Chinese Capcut app

CapCut is a great video editing application that you can use to edit videos and post them on Tiktok MXH. Not only available for Android, IOS devices, this application also works stably on PC using Android emulator, in this article we will share you how to download and install Chinese CapCut app (剪映) and a few tips for using this app.

Capcut (old name Viamaker) is a great app for video production and editing TikTok especially on phones and computers. With filters, advanced beauty effects, you can download Capcut for free and create your own impressive videos.

Details on how to download and install Capcut for Android and Iphone phones have been summarized and shared by below, please read for reference and practice.

Instructions for installing the Chinese Capcut app, editing videos

1. What is Capcut?.
2. How to download and install Chinese Capcut.
3. How to use Capcut.
4. Frequently asked questions.

1. What is Chinese Capcut? Overview of information about the application Capcut

With an easy-to-navigate, easy-to-use interface, along with a variety of music, effects, stickers, etc., the Chinese version of Capcut (or Capcup APK) is appreciated by many users better than the Capcut version. international. It is considered an impressive short video editor, which helps you create incredible videos to post on social media without installing complicated video editing software on your computer.

Not only a video editing application, Capcut China is also known as an MXH that supports viewing and sharing videos similar to TikTok. Specifically, right after creating and editing videos from Capcut Trung, you can easily share your videos on popular Chinese social networks like QQ, TikTok,…, get comments, drop hearts, share from users. Not only that, you can also watch other users’ videos right on this app.

2. How to download and install Chinese Capcut

Now, by downloading the latest version of Capcut China and installing it on your phone, you can start editing and creating creative videos on your phone. Specifically, the steps to be taken are as follows:

Step 1: Turn on unknown sources on the phone.

Note: China Capcut is a Chinese video editing application and is not available on CH Play, App Store. Therefore, in order to download the Capcut application to your phone, you need to turn on the unknown source on your phone before downloading.

Watch now: How to turn on unknown sources to install APK files

Step 2: Download Chinese CapCut APK

Download the Capcut app to your Inphone and Android phones by following the link below. (Requires Android phone version 5.0 or higher):
– Link Download Chinese Capcut

Step 3: At the display interface, press [Link File 1], a new window interface with the message that you want to download the Capcut APK file, press “download” to start downloading files to your phone

Download the Chinese Capcut app

Step 4: When the file download is complete, press “open file” to open the downloaded file. Immediately after that, the application will display a message whether you want to install the application on your device. To continue, click on the box “Setting” to install the application on your device. The installation process can take place in a few minutes

Chinese Capcut apk

Step 5: You need to wait a few minutes for the installation to complete. At this point, you can open the application, click on the boxes according to the instructions in Figure 5, 6 to experience the features that the application brings.

download app CapCut China APK

3. How to use the Chinese Capcut app

Similar to the international version of Capcut, the main screen interface of the Chinese Capcut application is designed with 4 main items, including: editing available videos, using templates, inbox and personal account settings core. However, because it is an application exclusively for Chinese people, CapCut China has not been Vietnameseized. You are required to use Chinese to create and edit your videos.

* How to edit videos on Capcut

Step 1: From the main screen interface on the Capcut application, click the (+) icon on the screen to add a new project.

Step 2: Next, select Video/image from the Photo Album on your phone, click the red box at (arrow number 3) to add the video to the editing project.

Capcut Viet flower

Step 3: At the video editing interface You can optionally edit the cover image, audio, text text, overlay, filter,…, for the video. After you have completed the editing steps and created a custom video, click the button on the top right of the screen to export the edited video to your phone.

Use the Chinese Capcut app

* How to edit videos on Capcut app from available templates

If you don’t want to create video effects yourself, you can choose from the effects templates available on TikTok and combine them into your personal videos/images. The detailed steps are as follows:
Step 1: From the screen interface of Capcut, click on box 2 from the left on the menu bar (Figure 7)
Step 2: Here, you click to select your favorite video effect template (Figure 8) and then click the red box (Figure 9) to use the template.

Download Chinese editing app

Step 3: Press “allow” to allow Capcut to access photos and media on your device. Next, press lSelect the Video/image from the phone you want to use for the template, click on the red box (Figure 11) to move to the next step.
Step 4: If you are satisfied with the video you just created, you can click the red box in step 12 to export the video. If you don’t like it, you can press back to choose another model.

How to wear Chinese Capcut iOS

Step 5: Click on the red box (Figure 13), wait for the machine to complete the process of exporting the video according to the newly created template, select the social network you want to create and then click on the red box (Figure 15) to share the newly created video to the MXH channel corresponding.

Ear CapCut Chinese Vietnamese flowers

In addition, if you want to download and use Chinese capcut from your computer, you can refer to the article How to install Capcut on the computer that shared earlier.

4. Frequently asked questions when downloading the Chinese Capcut app

4.1. Can I download the Capcut Trung app on my PC?

Currently, the Capcut application is available for Iphone, Android phones and not yet available for Windows version. However, you can download Capcut for your computer using a phone emulator on your computer.

4.2. Applications to replace Chinese Capcut on the phone

In addition to the Capcut application, you can also refer to other video clip editing apps such as CUT, VideoShow. However, as mentioned above, Capcut is still the best video editing application that you should install and use.
Thus, shared with you how to download the Capcut APK app, how to install up Chinese Capcut and a few basic uses. Hope this information is useful to you!


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