How to download and install the Chinese Kwai app

How to download and install the Chinese Kwai app

Chinese Kwai (or KuaiShou APK) is an application that allows users to create short videos and share on social networking sites Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Download the Chinese Kwai app and install it on your phone today to post and share your story!

Kwai nice Kuaishou is a popular short video and live stream media platform that is popular with young people in rural areas of China. In addition to contributing to the community with short videos about life and the latest trends, Kwai also builds filter effects and magical expressions for users to capture, participate in challenges, create videos they love. and share on MXH.

Not only popular with the international version of Kwai for iOS and Android phones, the Kwai app also has a Chinese version with many attractive features. If you want to create videos with many beautiful effects, you can download the Kwai application, install Chinese Kwai according to the instructions below.

Link to download the Chinese KuaiShou App and how to install it

1. What is Chinese Kwai?.
2. How to download and install.
3. Usage.

1. What is Chinese Kwai?

Although it is a famous application in China, however, compared to Facebook, TikTok, Kwai is still not really popular with the majority of users. To be able to explain exactly what Kwai is, you need to know the following overview information about Kwai:

– Kwai (or KuaiShou APK) is a famous Chinese video sharing platform, allowing users to do Livestream or upload their own short clips. With amazing video editing technology, equipped with many unique fonts, fun stickers, download Chinese Kwai and sign up for an account, readers can easily create amazing short videos on their phones. mine.
– Kwai APK is shared completely free for Android devices, iphone, Windows computers
– Currently, Kwai international version has more than 5 million downloads from Google Play and received an average rating of 4.4 from users. On capcap app, Chinese Kwai also received.

2. How to download and install the Chinese Kwai app

In Vietnam, most users download and install Kwai international version. However, according to user reviews, the Chinese Kwai still has the highlights of the trend effect that only the domestic release has. Therefore, to download Kwai (Download the Chinese KuaiShou App), you need to follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Turn on unknown sources on the phone.

Note: Kwai is a Chinese video editing application and is not available on CH Play, App Store. Therefore, in order to download Kwai application to your phone, you need to turn on unknown sources on your phone before downloading. (If you don’t know how to turn on unknown sources on your phone, you can refer to the instructions on how to turn on unknown sources to install APK files on Android phones here.)

Watch now: How to enable unknown sources to install APK files

Step 2: Click on the link to download Kwai APK for phones: Chinese Kwai

Step 3: At the download interface, press [Link File 1]. At this time, the screen displays a message asking if you want to download the Kwai APK file, to continue, press “”download

How to install Chinese Kwai app

Step 4: After downloading Chinese Kwai successfully, press “open“and select”Setting” In the display interface to install the application on the device. The screen shows the message that the application has been installed, press “open” to open the app on the phone.

Tai Kwai China

Step 5: Next, at the application’s display interface, click on the red box (Figure 5) and then continue to select “allow” to allow Kwai to make and manage phone calls (Fig

Set up Chinese Kwai

3. How to use Chinese Kwai

3.1. How to register for Chinese Kwai

To register for a Kuaishou China account, you need to do the following:

Step 1: Access the Kuaishou application on your phone, at the home page interface of the application, press “me” on the menu bar. At this time, the login screen will appear
Step 2: To continue, you choose Kwai registration code as your Vietnamese phone number (first number +84) , enter your phone number (remember to remove the 0 at the beginning of the phone number) and click “”get Code” in red at the bottom to receive the code from Kwai.
Step 3: Kwai system will call you to read the code, enter this code in the line below and press “login“. At this point, you have successfully registered for a Kwai account and are redirected to the next page, where you can choose your gender, display name on Kwai, avatar, background image for your personal profile, .. ., on Kwai.

How to use Chinese Kwai

3.2. How to create and edit videos with the Chinese Kwai app

Kwai’s interface is designed with the following items: Home, nearby, create/edit video, message and me. In particular, to be able to create videos, edit videos with beautiful effects on Kwai, you need to do the following:

Step 1: Access the Kwai application, click on the circle icon in the middle.
Step 2: The message screen asks “allows Kuaishou to take pictures and record videos” and “allow Kwai to record“, you press “allow” to move to the next step.

How to use Chinese Kwai

Step 3: At Kwai’s video creation and editing interface, you can choose to use one of the following features:

Videos/Story: Create video: To start, you can choose to set timer (recording time), speed (recording speed), magic (effect), beautify (beauty filter), music (music) you want to insert into the video. and click the circle in the center to start recording the video. In addition, you can also click on the “album” box to select the videos and images available on your phone to edit videos and post them on Kwai.

Thư viện: The place where the effects are available from users on Kwai. Here, you just need to choose the available video effects and combine them into your images and videos without much editing.

Livestream: Where you go live your videos.

Step 4: With the newly created video, you can choose to edit the video (change music, add text, effects, trim video, …) and press “next” to complete the video editing step.

Tai App KuaiShou China

Step 5: With the finished video, you can write a description, add a hashtag, insert a location, etc. Select video posting mode and press “post” to upload a video just finished by Kwai.

Download KuaiShou APK

In addition to using the Chinese Kwai app on your phone according to the instructions above, readers can also use Kuaishou on a computer via Android emulator software. Details how to use Kwai on PC using Bluestacks has been shared by in this article, please read for reference and use.

Thus, has shared with you how to download and install the Chinese Kwai app, how to use the Kwai app in detail. Hope this information is useful to you, help you to find many good Chinese video editing apps and create many great videos of your own.
In addition to Kwai, Chinese Capcut is also a video editing application used by many young people. If you do not know how to download and install the Chinese version of Capcut (Capcut APK), readers can refer to the article How to download and install the Chinese Capcut app ours.


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