How to download and install Unikey for Windows 11, Vietnamese percussion

Unikey is one of the most used Vietnamese typing software on computers today, you can also download and install Unikey for Windows 11 like other Microsoft operating systems with just a few steps.

Unlike other software, the install Unikey for Windows 11 extremely lightweight and takes up less resources of the computer system. In addition, Unikey also helps you convert charsets, compose keyboard shortcuts, check spelling … when using.

Download Unikey, type Vietnamese on Windows 11

Instructions to download and install Unikey on Windows 11

Step 1: Go to download link Unikey Latest version here.
Step 2: At the main interface, press Download => choose [Link File 1] with a yellow downward arrow icon.

how to install and install unikey on windows 11

Step 3: Once the download is complete, open Folder contains download file Unikey and click Right mouse go to file => select Extract All.. as shown below.

guide and install unikey for windows 11

Step 4: In the new panel that appears, press Extract unzip to get the download file Unikey Windows 11

install and install unikey on windows 11

Step 5: Click on the file UnikeyNT.exe, choose Run to run Unikey on Windows 11

setup unikey for windows 11

– Unikey on Windows 11 will be started immediately.

+ Default Vietnamese typing shortcut: Ctrl+Shift or Alt + Z

setup unikey on windows 11

– To open Unikey on Windows 11 at startup, press the . button Extend => tick Start with Windows at card System. Alternatively you can also click right mouse on the Unikey icon at right corner of the screen, choose Dashboard =>Extend => tick Start with Windows.

link download and install unikey for windows 11

In addition, you also need to pay attention when using Unikey on Windows 11, if the Unikey icon in the system tray at the bottom right corner is the letter V, it means you are in editing mode in Vietnamese, the letter E is the Vietnamese language. English, to edit documents faster, you should also refer to how to type shortcut in Unikey here.
In case you encounter an error that cannot type accented Vietnamese in Windows 11, please refer to the error correction below.

See also: How to fix Unikey error that cannot type Vietnamese in Windows 11

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