How to download and use UOffice

How to download and use UOffice

Using UOffice helps you fix font errors, allows you to switch from lowercase to uppercase quickly while keeping the formatting in the conversion process … The following guide will help you know how to download and use UOffice, please refer.

The greatest strength when you download and use UOffice is changing the font, the text will remain the same format. Some other advantages are also very good as you can convert lowercase letters to uppercase, convert fonts directly in the text to be converted without the need for additional copy – paste commands.


To download and install, follow these steps:

Step 1: Download the UOffice installer via the link here: Download UOffice
Step 2: With the sets Office 2010, 2013, 2016 When installing, the error will be:

To fix the error Run-time error ’48’ You do the following:

+ Download tools Disable Enable DEP

+ You unzip the downloaded file and run the file Disable_Enable_DEP.exe.

+ You choose DisableDEP and restart the computer to fix the error.

how to use and use uoffice 2

Step 3: Before proceeding with the installation, you close all Office applications and install with Administrator rights. To install as Administrator, right-click the installer and select Run as administrator:

how to use and use uoffice 3

Step 4: You make settings to use. You clicked Install to install or want to remove, just need to simply click Uninstall.

how to use and use uoffice 4

Step 5: When installed successfully, the software interface will display “over” on the toolbars of the Office suite, otherwise it is in the toolbar. Add-Ins. The following image is the interface when using Office 2016:

how to use and use uoffice 5

Image Menu software:

how to use and use uoffice 6

1. How to Convert Code / Font text.


how to use and use uoffice 7


Source code: The encoding of the old text (if not sure choose “Auto Detect”).
Code / Font result: Select the conversion code table (Common code table: TCVN 6909: 2001 Pre Compound).
Conversion range: Allows conversion of all or part of a document.
Advanced options: Allows the conversion of Word objects or not.
Toggle Button: When selected will convert the document.

For example:

There is one paragraph of text in a font error, as shown below. Check that the text uses the font VnTime but the computer in use does not install this font, so the error displays. Now you need to convert the font code to Times New Roman to fix the error.

how to use and use uoffice 8

To handle you go to tab Add-Ins choose Uconvert_1.3 then select Convert Code / Text font. You select the parameters as shown below and then click Convert.

how to use and use uoffice 9

And here is the result after implementation:

how to use and use uoffice 10

2. How to Normalize uppercase / lowercase / standard.


how to use and use uoffice 11


Source code: The encoding currently used in the text to be standardized.

Standardized method: Lets choose to normalize as: lowercase letters, LETTERS, Standard Characters, BALANCE IN PHI.

Press Standardized: To normalize the necessary text.

For example:

Image of paragraphs before standardization:

how to use and use uoffice 12

– Image paragraphs after standardization. Here choose Standardized method are ALL CAPS:

how to use and use uoffice 13

3. Fix Vietnamese typing errors.

You choose this item when installing UOffice for the first time to have a standard Vietnamese environment. When this item is selected, if it is already set, the following message will appear:

how to use and use uoffice 14

4. Check Unicode text.

This item allows you to check whether the current text is used Unicode No, is there any other object using another font?

– If the text does not use the encoding Unicode then when selected will display as shown in the image below. To convert you just need to select Yes and perform the conversion similar to the instructions above.

how to use and use uoffice 15

– In case the text uses the correct encoding Unicode When selected, no message will display.

5. Some other functions of UOffice.

– Function Software introduction: Allows you to view information about UOffice software.
– Function Instructions for using the program: Allows you to link to web addresses for instructions on how to use the UOffice software.

Above is the whole tutorial How to download and use UOffice. Hopefully, these detailed, intuitive instructions will help you. Good luck.
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