How to download Facebook messages to your computer using Multiple Tools

How to download Facebook messages to your computer using Multiple Tools is being searched and applied by many people so that you can store messages on Facebook easily, without fear of drifting important messages, let’s go to to find out. How to download Facebook messages to PC quickly and simply, if you do not know this trick.

Not only saving time to find important messages, but downloading Facebook messages to your PC also helps you store messages easily, making sure you don’t lose your messages if Facebook is hacked or malfunctions. How to download Facebook messages about computer by Multiple Tools will be guided below, for your reference.

How to download Messenger messages to your computer

Instructions on how to download Facebook messages to your computer using Multiple Tools

Step 1: You download Multiple Tools then click “Add to Chrome” when the utility interface appears.

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You click “More gadgets” as shown below.

message chat downloader

The new tab will display as below.

Tai Toan Bo news with a Bat Ky Tren Facebook

Step 2: You open the tab to open Facebook (If you’re not signed in, you’ll need to be logged into Facebook to download Messages.)

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Step 3: You enter tab LOC then click x live upper left corner.

Can't change the news on Facebook

Step 4: At this point, the menu will appear, click on “TOOL“.

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Step 6: Messages will be displayed, you select the person you want to download the message to then tap download icon as shown below.

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Step 7: Immediately, message download file will appear at the bottom left side of the screen (Or you can search in Download section on the computer). You want to check your messages, you always click on the file there.

how to send facebook messages to may Tinh bang multiple tools

The message will be opened as shown below

how to get facebook news on computer

Implement how to download Facebook messages to your computer with Multiple Tools, you can download any message you like, store messages effectively. Besides, you can also use Multiple Tools to protect your Facebook profile picture How to protect Facebook profile picture here.

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If you are afraid that Multiple Tools for Facebook has a virus, maybe it will steal your information, so please refer to the article Multiple Tools for Facebook is safe so you can rest assured when using this utility to download messages to your computer. .

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