How to download files from Google Drive with IDM

How to download files from Google Drive with IDM

You want to download files from Google Drive with IDM download software, however, IDM does not automatically start links so you can download them. So how to download the files you need from Google Drive with this tool. Let refer to the article below.

IDM is a support tool download Greatly used commonly today helps you to shorten the time to download data on the internet dramatically. You need to download a large data file from Google Drive and you will probably think of this tool immediately. However, usually when you click download, the default download function of the browser is turned on instead of IDM automatically catches the link so you can download quickly. To use IDM for downloading files from Google Drive, we have to go through a few setup steps, here are detailed instructions to help you do this:

Here we will do with the most used browser is Google Chrome, with other browsers like Firefox or Coc Coc though there are a few changes but you can still basically apply this way.

First, you need to enable or install the latest version of IDM software for your browser here: Download IDM.

Next open Google Drive and click on the download file you want to download.

When the download function of the browser is turned on, right-click the downloaded file and select Cancel

Pay attention to the right and click the Show all downloads link (In the new version of Chrome it will be “Show all”)

How to download files from Google Drive using IDM

The browser switches to a tab that displays the list of downloads you’ve made on Chrome. Right-click on the file you have just canceled and select Download with IDM.

How to download files from Google Drive using IDM

So IDM will catch the link and you can download the file you want from Google Drive with IDM

In case you right-click, but the Download with IDM option does not appear, the reason is that you have not activated the IDM add-on on the browser. To better understand how to activate this utility you can refer to how Turn on IDM CC on Firefox, Google Chrome here
Above is instructions on how to download files from google Drive with IDM. However, with Google Drive we often encounter the download of files from Google Drive restricted download. If you encounter this case, you refer to more ways Download file too limited on Google Drive, error over the number of downloads, view will definitely help to download your files without being stuck. Good luck


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