How to download Google fonts on

You are using Office 2016 or Office 2019, these applications have basically provided many types of fonts for you to edit documents. However, many others prefer to use the fonts provided by Google for editing because it is convenient, and especially supports the Vietnamese language. If so, take a look now and download the Google font on as we introduced below.

Finding and installing other fonts from the outside, especially beautiful fonts to help you present your text nicely, impressively and professionally, Google Font is the right choice for you. Download Google font on You will see this is a huge font store, meeting almost all the most necessary fonts for users in text editing, design, working with graphics …

Download Google fonts for free, support Vietnamese language

Instructions for downloading Google fonts on

To download Google Fonts for free on, follow these steps:

Step 1: Access Google Fonts by clicking the mouse directly HERE

Interface when accessing the page Google Fonts will display as in the image below:

how to download google fonts on google fonts 2

Step 2: You browse to find the font you need -> then click on the sign + to the right of the font to add to the font collection.

how to download google fonts on google fonts 3

Step 3: Once selected, you will see a small message at the bottom right of the screen -> select done, you just need to click on the to review the font I have chosen.

how to download google fonts on google fonts 4

In the window that appears, you can remove the font that you have selected for example, or view the embedded font code. You can click on it CUSTOMIZE to select the font format of each font you want to download.

how to download google fonts on google fonts 5

Finished, you just need to click on the icon Download as described in the image below to download fonts to your computer.

how to download google fonts on google fonts 6

Step 4: Download completed, you perform the decompression of the downloaded font. You can install Winrar to extract or use 7 zip to extract. The picture below is a font compression file Open_Sans by Google.

how to download google fonts on google com fonts 7

After decompressing, you can install the font for your computer by right-clicking each font or selecting the entire font -> select Install to install the font.

how to download google fonts on google fonts 8

Step 5: The final step is that you open Word 2019 or 2016, even any program that can edit text, you can check if the newly installed font already exists. Pictured below is us Open Paint on Windows when editing text -> and look for fonts that you’ve just installed from Google Font.

how to download google fonts on google fonts 9

The above is the whole way Download Google font on as well as how to install fonts on your computer. Basically, the steps for you to download, install the font on Google Font It’s quite simple, the important thing is that you need to find the right fonts you need, and the download and installation must make you have done a lot and used it.
Hope these instructions will help you. Good luck!


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