How to download movies on Netflix, Download Netflix movies to watch offline

If you do not have a stable connection to watch movies on Netflix, now this problem has been solved. Recently Netflix has let users download movies on Netflix to watch videos offline. And the following guide will show you how to download movies on Netflix.

Now you can watch movies and TV shows on your device to watch offline videos later in HD quality. If you are worried your home Internet connection is too weak, use this feature to no longer jerky, lag when watching movies on Netflix.

However, not everyone knows how to use this feature. So the following article will guide in detail how to download movies and shows from Netflix to watch offline with customized quality.

How to download movies on Netflix, Download NetFlix movies offline

This feature only supports Netflix versions on iOS and Android. Not all content on Netflix is ​​available for download for offline viewing.

Step 1: You need to have the latest Netflix version. If not, download here.

Download Netflix for Android: Download Netflix for Android.
Download Netflix for iOS: Download Netflix for iPhone.

Open the application and click on the icon 3 dashes at the top left of the application. In the menu that appears, select Available for Download.

Download movie on netflix

This item will bring you to the list of content that can be downloaded from Netflix. The list will be constantly updated by Netfix according to the time and policies of each movie or program.

Step 2: In the list of movies and programs that allow downloading offline, there will be small items like Recently Added (new movies added to the list), Popular on Netflix (hot movies on Netflix) … The content of this list will vary by country.

After making your selection, click on the movie or program you want to download.

Step 3: After clicking on the movie, Netflix will take you to the movie information page. The interface is no different from previous versions. Click the download button below the description or next to the list of episodes to download.

Download movie on netflix

Step 4: After pressing download, there will be a green bar showing the downloading process. You can click on this bar to see specific download progress or stop downloading if you want.

Download movie on netflix

Step 5: Once the download is complete, you will be able to watch Netflix movies and shows offline right on your device.

Depending on the WiFi or 3G connection as well as the amount of free space in the device, you will want to adjust the download quality of movies and shows on Netflix.

To select the quality of the downloaded movie, go to the 3 dashes icon in the Netflix app home page. Select the item Downloads. This section will have options such as downloading movies only with Wifi, customizing the quality of videos downloaded in the section Video Quality.

Download movie on netflix

Above, has just introduced how to download movies and Netflix programs to watch offline. This is a new feature of Netflix and especially useful for those who have weak Internet connection, often lag when watching movies online on Netflix. With this feature, you can download your favorite movies and shows to your phone and watch them offline after the download is complete.
In addition, the free 1-month trial of Netflix is ​​still available if you subscribe to Netflix, signing up for Netflix is ​​also completely free.


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