How to download MP3 music on Zing MP3

The following article, Taimienphi will share with you how to download mp3 music on Zing Mp3 in a number of different ways, helping you save the best and hottest songs of many famous singers such as Son Tung MTP, Toc Tiên, Sobin Hoàng Sơn ….

On Zing MP3 you can freely download music for free, as long as it does not involve copyright or copyright disputes, you are entitled to Download MP3 music to your computer. Today users in addition to surfing Facebook, watching youtube, using Zing MP3 is also an option to listen to music, download music to a computer. If you log into your account, Zing MP3 will also use more features.

If you can easily download Zing Mp3 music on your phone through the Zing Mp3 application below, the Zing Mp3 music download on computers and laptops is completely different.

– Download Zing Mp3 for Android devices: Download Zing Mp3 for Android

– Download Zing Mp3 for iOS devices: Download Zing Mp3 for iPhone

Contemplating that using Zing MP3 to download MP3 music to your computer is as easy as downloading music from Youtube, but not really, there are still many readers of wondering about this, they still do not know. how to successfully download MP3s to your computer on Zing Mp3 the same way they still download music from Youtube. And certainly will help you do this work already, with instructions Download MP3 music to your computerThe following laptop will help you understand How to download Zing MP3 music to your computer is like.

How to download MP3 music to a computer, laptop

Step 1: First, visit the familiar Zing MP3 address, if you do not know or have forgotten it, you can access it HERE.

download mp3 music on zing computer

Step 2: On the search interface of Zing MP3 you just need to enter the name of the song you want to download the MP3 to your computer. Here select the song “noon dream“to download the test computer to.

how to download mp3 music from zing

You can see a series of results appear, click top results to get the most accurate results.

Step 3: Immediately interface song appears, click download below to download the MP3 to your computer.

how to save mp3 music on zing

Step 4: Depending on the song, each song quality will be displayed below for you to download, but you can only download the version. 128 kbps Well, if you want to download at 320, 500 or lossless, you have to pay a license fee for that song.

download mp3 music on zing offline

Step 5: Immediately you will see the song has been downloaded to your computer quickly, click to listen.

luu nhac mp3 tren zing offline

And of course Download the 128 kbps version for free There will be a lot of limitations, no lyrics or cover accompanying songs like 320, 500 or lossless.

download music on zing to computer

However, those who want to download music> 128 kbps or more are required to log in and must have a Zing MP3 VIP account, with regular accounts will not be able to download.

download mp3 zing music to your computer

The above is a guide for those who do not know how to download MP3 music to your computer, helping you to download songs to your computer and laptop quickly. And this is not the only trick that send to readers, please pay close attention to the articles available on, we will give you more reading tutorials on Zing MP3. Moreover, from how to register Zing MP3 or change the password of Zing MP3, when registering Zing Mp3, you will download music and manage your playlist on Zing better. Whatever tricks you need we have, please support regularly.

Currently Zing MP3 applications are available on popular operating systems such as Android, iOS, you download Zing Mp3 for your phone here.
– Zing Mp3 for Android devices: Zing Mp3 for Android
– Zing Mp3 for iOS devices: Zing Mp3 for iPhone


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