How to download Office 365 completely 100% free

Currently there are many synthetic office tools that have high security features and help to share quickly. Including Office 365, along with, follow the steps to download 100% free Office 365 below.

Office 365 is an excellent office tool with many popular Office applications such as Office 365, Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Note, Access, … Office 365 also integrates OneDrive, Skype tools that allow you to easily share your documents. Data with colleagues. This tool is extremely suitable for businesses and schools. You can download and use Office 365 for free when you sign up with edu email from the school you are attending or working at.


Step 1: Prepare an edu email, you can ask the school to give you an edu email for students and teachers in the school. Then access the address: HERE

Step 2: At the free Office 365 for students site, the teacher you enter your edu email into the box Enter your school email address and press Get started.
Note: You must make sure that your email account is an .edu mail account

Step 3: Selection I’m a student If you are a student, choose I’m a teacher If you are a teacher.

use office 365 for free

Step 4: After completing the registration step, the browser window will display Great! Go check your email. Now you access the edu email address you entered in a new tab.

how to get to Office 365 for free

Step 5: It may take a short time to receive messages from Office 365. When you receive the message click Yes, that’s me in the body of the letter.

Download to Office 365 for free

Step 6: You will be asked to complete the personal information such as Last name, First name, Password (8-16 characters including uppercase letters, letters, numbers and special characters) and your date of birth. Press Start After completing the information.

download office 365 free

Step 7: You can send letters of recommendation to your school friends in the section Invite more people. Press Skip to forgive.

Office 365 free installation

After completing the steps, you will be returned to the Office 365 interface and use the Office 365 tools for free.

register office 365 free
So has shown you how to download Office 365 for free 100% completely. You can use this great office tool at no additional cost. After using Office 365 for free, you can upgrade Office 2016 from Office 365 completely easily.


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