How to download the Yitian app in English, Vietnamese and Chinese versions

How to download the Yitian app in English, Vietnamese and Chinese versions

Equipped with many youthful and sweet filters, a vibrant sticker store, and sample videos with hot singing and dancing, Yitian Camera is a Chinese-style photography app that is popular with many young people today. You can download the Yitian app in English, Vietnamese, and Chinese versions by following the steps below and creating the most natural and wonderful photos.

Yitian (一 ) to be Selfie camera app beautiful, famous Chinese, help you create impressive photos to share on social networks Facebook, TikTok,…. If you are looking for Yitian download link for iPhone/Android phones and want to install, using the Yitian app but do not know how, the instructions in the article below will help you.

Download the Yitian app, a super beautiful Chinese photography app.

1. What is Yitian app?

Yitian app or (Yitian camera app) is a famous Chinese photography application that is equipped with color filters, wallpaper stores, and a variety of Stickers, helping you quickly cut, combine images and own Selfie photos. impressive with a few simple taps.

Currently, Yitian app is available for Chinese version and not available in English (international version) and Vietnamese version. You can easily download the Chinese version of Yitian from the AppStore on your iPhone and from the Yitian APK download file on your Android phone.

Yitian camera main functions:
* Girly color filters

Yitian features an optional three-degree color filter, making it easy to customize colors and switch color modes for your photos. Yitian is especially suitable to create a natural, sweet, youthful, feminine feeling for girls.

* Rich sticker store
Constantly updating the stock of emotional stickers, you can easily add cute funny stickers to your photos without worrying about being outdated.

* Impressive image templates
Yitian camera offers a variety of background patterns to meet most of your daily selfie needs. Especially, Yitian’s background blur feature is also equipped to blur the animation, making it easy for you to become the center of attention.

* Cut/jigsaw
Integrating multi-size photo cropping and stitching into existing frames, Yitian makes it easy for you to capture and show your personality, creativity, and sweetness to everyone.

2. How to download the Chinese version of the Yitian app

There are many ways for you to download Yitian camera English, Vietnamese, and Chinese apps to your phone. If you are using an Android phone, you need to download the Yitian APK from a third party. Conversely, if you use an Iphone, you can easily download Yitian from the App Store on your phone.. Here’s how to download and install the Yitian camera app for each device, please read for reference.

2.1. How to download Yitian app for Android

As mentioned above, Yitian camera app is currently not available on CH Play app store of Android phones. To be able to download the Yitian application, you need to do the following:

Step 1: Turn on “unknown source” on the phone.

Since Yitian is not available on the Play Store, to download third-party apps, you need to enable downloads from unknown sources. Details of how to turn on unknown sources on Android phones have been compiled by in the article How to turn on unknown sources to install APK files on Android phones of all versions, readers please click for reference and search. understand.

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Step 2: Click the Yitian APK download link to download the latest Yitian for Android phones:
– Link Download Yitian for Android

Step 3: At the download interface, click “link file 1”. Look below the download link you will see a message downloading Yitian from the browser (Figure 2)

Tai Yitian camera app

Step 4: Download Yitian APK successfully, you press “open“and then keep pressing”Setting” to start installing Yitian on the phone.
Step 5: Screen shows successful installation of Yitian application, press “open” to access the application.

Tai Yitian apk

2.2. How to download Yitian app for iPhone

To download the Yitian application on your iPhone, follow these steps in turn:

Step 1: Click on the link to download Yitian app for iPhone:
Link Download Yitian for iPhone

Step 2: Click “file link 1” then click on the cloud icon (Figure 7) to download Yitian camera from the publisher.
Step 3: After downloading Yitian, press “open” to access the application.

set up Yitian

3. Where to download Yitian Vietnamese Hoa, English version?

Currently, Yitian English and Vietnamese versions are not available for download. We will continuously update the Yitian free download, the latest from the publisher. Readers, please wait for the next updates to download, install and use.

4. How to use Yitian

Step 1: After installing Yitian camera on your phone, press “open” to access the application.
Step 2: Click the first 2 boxes, select the pink button (Figure 9) and then continue, click on the pink icon (Figure 10) and to start using the application

download app Yitian

Step 3: The screen shows a message that allows Yitian application to access the camera, video, record and make and manage calls on the phone, press “allow” to continue

What is Yitian's camera?

Step 4: At Yitian’s image editing and shooting interface, you can manipulate and use the following main features:

– Click on the first icon on the menu bar (Figure 13) to choose to edit the images available on your phone
– Click the second icon from the left on the menu bar (Figure 14) to capture and edit images directly. Here, you can click on the options above to choose a color filter, photo collage or stickers you want to insert into your selfie photo.

Tai Yitian

– Click the 3rd icon from the left on the menu bar to record a video (Figure 15).
– Click the last button to the right of the menu bar to use the effects available on the application (Figure 16)


Thus, has just shown you how to download the Yitian app in English, Vietnamese and Chinese versions and detailed instructions on how to install and use the Yitian (一甜 相机) app. Hopefully the information in this article is useful to you, helping you find many tips on using a good photo editing app and customizing your selfies to become more gorgeous and amazing than ever.

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